(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

butts_26_guts_8-22-06_5This is a picture from last nights rehearsal and shows Jai, Lorraine and Brenda doing one of the featured moves in Butts and Guts, called fire-walkers. They may be smiling in the photo, but the picture was taken at the beginning – not the end!

We’re now just 2 days away from filming and the pace has really picked up. Electricians and set designers have been busy getting everything ready. Tomorrow is “set and Light” day. This is when we light the set and hook up and test all the cameras.

Cathe and the crew will continue to rehearse everyday up until we begin to film on Friday.

I’m not sure if Cathe will have time to post today, but you will be hearing a lot from her once filming is completed.

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