February 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
FEB 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation
FEB 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation

Hi Everyone! Upon your request I have revised and updated the ROCK BOTTOMS June 06 rotation. That means this month’s rotation is all about the “bottom line” J But remember, hard work pays off twice as fast ( and really shows off that newly sculpted bottom) when it is accompanied by a very clean diet. So get ready to blast some butt, burn some butt, firm some butt and last but not least, of course, kick some butt!!!! This is a very advanced rotation that will really shock your system, however, it is best suited for time periods when you are in peek condition. If at any time the rotation gets to be too aggressive 1) modify whenever needed and/or 2) put a rest day in place of a high intensity cardio day and/or 3) do only one workout on Saturday.

The following “Bonus Butt Workout” is to be done whenever you see “BBW” listed on a given day:

Bonus Butt Workout (abbreviated as BBW):

1) One minute of squats with a challenging barbell weight chased by 20 seconds squat jumps.

2) One minutes of walking lunges with a 10 pound weighted vest (or with 8 pound hand weights per hand) chased by 20 seconds of deep controlled power scissors.

3) One minute of Plie squats with a challenging barbell weight chased by 20 seconds ice breakers.

4) Two minutes of firewalkers with a medium tension band (4 to 6 steps each direction until two minutes are up)…chased by your favorite choice of words for me, wink!

5) Barbell Deadlift…2 slow sets of 15 reps

***Conclude the Bonus Butt Workout with the Bonus Barre segment on my Lower Body Blast DVD

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Mon: Cardio Core Circuit plus 300 walking lunges and stretch
Tues: Lower Body Blast (without the Bonus Barre segment)
Wed: Kick Punch and Crunch
Thurs: HIIT 40/20 Plus Ab Circuits (weights and plates)
Fri: Shock Cardio Athletic Step plus BBW
Sat Split: STS Plyo Legs in morning and do Kick Max later in the day
Sun: OFF or Stretch Workout


Mon: IMAX 2 plus 300 walking lunges and stretch
Tues: STS Total Body
Wed: Hiit 30/30 plus Butts and Guts
Thurs: Pyramid Upper Body plus BBW
Fri: Intensity
Sat Split: Leaner Legs in morning and Hiit Double Wave Pyramid plus BBW later in day
Sun: Rest or stretch workout


Mon: Body Max 2
Tues: Intensity….plus BBW….plus Ab Circuits (no equipment needed)
DOUBLE SHOT WED: 4DS Kickbox in its entirety during day and Lower Body Blast later in evening
Thurs: 40 minutes interval run ….plus 400 walking lunges…. plus BBW
Fri: STS Plyo Legs
Sat Split: High Step Training Advanced (leg press heaven, wink) in morning and Butts and Guts later in day
Sun…rest and stretch


Mon: 4DS Lower Intensity Step plus 400 walking lunges
Tues: Legs and Glutes Plus Ab Circuits( Yoga Based Abs)
Wed: 4DS Bootcamp
Thurs: Cardio Core Circuit right into Butts and Guts (skip B&G warmup)
Fri: 4DS Higher Intensity Step
Sat Split: Lower Body Blast in morning and 4DS Kickbox later in day
Sun: Rest and stretch

4 thoughts on “February 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation

  1. My lower body is screaming just reading this. I love the extra BBW you have outlined. At best I can add this to my daily workout, but I just know there is no way I can follow this rotation and still go to work! Yowzzaaa!

  2. Hi!
    This rotation sounds like fun (in a “need a padded seat” kinda way). I am planning on trying this one after I finish with STS. But I have a question. When it says 4DS kickbox in its entirety, does it mean the cardio + weights and when it says just 4DS low intensity step, does it mean just the cardio?

  3. OMG! I think that the BBW is enough of a work out! The rest of the rotation isn’t even needed! YEWOZA, Cathe! Thank goodness I am at the beginning of a 6.5 STS rotation so I won’t be able to do this rotation for a very long time. ; )~ LOL

  4. Great BBW workout! Will you come up with a rotation for an upper body workout? Would love to alternate a killer BBW & Killer Upper bodyworkout!
    That would be awesome! Thanks Cathe, your the BEST!!!!

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