STS Gave Me the Edge I Needed – by Erika

Although this is a testimonial to Cathe, it is more specifically a testimonial to the STS workout series. I have been a certified Aerobics Instructor for 20 years. Not possible you say at age 35? My dad had to drive me to my certification class because I didn’t have my license yet.I have plodded along with my fitness over the years, not ever being “Overweight”, but never really looking the part of an Aerobics Professional either.


I discovered Cathe in 2003, and have worked out to her videos almost exclusively since then when I wasn’t teaching.

Two years ago, something strange happened – I guess you could call it my 30’s, but I gained 35 pounds, my left hand swelled, and I couldn’t get a grip on anything going on with my body. It was time to up the ante! Workout harder! (Notice I didn’t say smarter.) Cardio everyday, combined with alternating upper body weights, lower body weights, 7 days/week – EVERY week. No change. I would cry to my sister and husband that NO ONE works out harder than me, and yet I can’t get a handle on this. (Medically, I figured out the hand thing, but the 35 pounds were still lingering!)

Then STS was launched. I thought, “Cathe has to be crazy!!” Work a muscle group ONCE per week? Cardio on Non STS days? That’s only 4 times in a week! TAKE A WEEK TO REST?!? Cathe is just inhaling funny gas now! I laughed looking at some of the forum comments. Many felt intimidated by Cathe and STS. I thought she was slacking!! But as always, I trust her, so I bought STS and faithfully followed it. Much to my extreme amazement and utter pleasure, I lost 21 pounds in the first 3 1/2 month rotation!


Cathe had a comment in her calendar once, “Work Harder, Rest Longer.” This is that, and it works. STS is smarter. I am so much stronger, and I work out harder on my Cardio Days. My form is impeccable again because my muscles are ready to “power it up” as opposed to flailing through an upper or lower body workout after having done an hour of cardio right before. And my body is back to being my body again, while it thanks me for not abusing it so badly EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Oh and get this – this is my favorite part. My knowledge has not changed about anything relating to fitness – but everyone wants to know my “secret” to weight loss now, because I have some semblance of “Erika Hetrick, Fitness Instructor.” I tell them, “Cathe.com – go there.”

STS truly gave me the edge I needed to plow through whatever it was that was going on with me. And as always, Cathe is the BOMB! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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