Eggland’s Best, No Ordinary Egg

Eggland's Best, No Ordinary EggHow much do you really know about eggs? You certainly know how versatile they are, and that they can be served at just about any meal. You enjoy them as part of your breakfast, for lunch, and even for dinner. It can likely be said that every refrigerator in the country, contains at least one carton of eggs. The reason for this is simply that eggs are extremely affordable. What many of us may not know is that eggs are not just delicious and versatile, but their health benefits are numerous, and Eggland´s Best sets the bar on all counts.

As a fitness professional, I always recommend eating whole foods for good health and weight control and limiting processed foods as often as possible. Eggland’s Best eggs are a whole food that not only taste great but are also superior in nutrition and freshness when compared to other eggs. Undoubtedly, this is why Product of the Year USA recently honored Eggland’s Best eggs with their prestigious “Best Egg” award based on over 40,000 consumer votes.

An added nutritional benefit of Eggland’s Best eggs is that they are very high in protein, and egg protein compared to other proteins is absorbed much faster into the body. What you may not know is that all eggs are not created equal and that the quality of your egg really does matter. Eggland´s Best knows about quality and their eggs reflect that. Eggland´s Best eggs are real whole shell eggs, produced by hens that feast solely on a natural vegetarian diet.

Eggland’s Best eggs contain 10 times more vitamin E than ordinary eggs and four times the amount of vitamin D. The Omega-3 in Eggland´s Best contains canola and flax-seed oil, which are a part of Eggland´s Best all-natural, all-vegetarian feed. Eggland´s Best eggs also contain 25 percent less saturated fat and 3 times more vitamin B12. Eggland’s Best eggs astoundingly have more than double the Omega-3 essential fats than ordinary eggs. This is because Eggland´s Best is no ordinary egg.

Eggland´s Best offers several varieties of eggs for consumers. They offer cage-free eggs, which have become increasingly popular. The hens chosen to lay Eggland´s Best cage free eggs are free to roam in a protected environment, safe from predators. They receive plenty of sunlight, shade and fresh air.

Eggland´s Best also offers organic eggs and for the second year in a row, their Organic eggs have been selected as a winner of Prevention’s 100 Cleanest Packaged Foods Awards. Eggland´s Best Organic brown eggs come from cage-free hens that are fed a certified organic version of the patented, all-natural, all-vegetarian Eggland´s Best hen feed.

It´s no secret that for years bodybuilders and fitness professionals, like myself, have greatly depended on eggs for their health and fitness benefits. Eggland’s Best is the perfect addition to any fitness regimen. The high protein in Eggland’s Best eggs assists with weight management because they leave you feeling fuller. The protein in Eggland’s Best eggs will also help add to your muscle strength, which in turn will help prevent muscle loss.

The essential vitamins contained in Eggland´s Best eggs have also been reported to help with brain and eye function. Additionally, egg yolks are said to play an important role in fetal development during pregnancy. Eggland´s Best eggs superior nutrition have earned them the distinction of being granted permission by the American Dietetic Association, and the American Diabetic Association to carry exchange list information on all of their cartons.

Eggland´s Best offers consumers affordable, healthy and safe alternatives in their eggs. Whether you are weight conscious or looking for quick solutions for everyday meals, Eggland´s Best has got you covered. While we all know the answer to that familiar phrase “what comes first the chicken or the egg?” with Eggland´s Best it is the consumer and quality that comes first.

Congratulations to Eggland’s Best for being awarded “Best Egg” by Product of The Year USA.


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