DVD Cover Templates – A Work in Progress

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

packages_sans_catheThe DVD cover templates you see on the left are being developed by our graphic designers for our 4 new DVDs. We still have to add Cathe’s picture to the covers you see, but that will not be done until after we will film the new workouts. We like to use live shots whenever possible as opposed to staged shots. Approximately 16,000 pictures will be taken during the Aug 25th – 29th filming and hopefully four of the shots will be good enough for the covers. You would think out of 16,000 photographs at least 4 would be good enough, but since the photographers have to work around the studio cameras and equipment this is not easy. If we can’t get the pictures were looking for then a separate photo session will be held with just Cathe. Also, please be aware that some of the covers colors may change. The covers are designed to go with the outfits in the workouts. Since the outfits seem to change almost daily around here, so do the color of the covers!

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