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(Last Updated On: June 19, 2012)

Here is the first video clip from Cathe’s new CrossFire video. We hope and expect to have Crossfire in stock sometime next week and we will begin shipping pre-sale orders just as soon as we do.

CrossFire: Are you looking to burn fat, crush calories, and build lean muscle? Are you willing to sweat, burn and be breathless? Get ready to get ignited because you’re about to embark on a fitness and metabolic conditioning workout like no other. Right out of the gate you’ll start with high intensity cardio intervals that will leave your heart pounding with pleasure. Then you’ll take your heart rate to a whole new breathtaking level with our Firewalker tabata blast before moving into the metabolic conditioning circuit. And just to be sure that you are totally FINISHED, there is a plyo-based tabata waiting for you at the end! To make CrossFire even more versatile, we’ve included numerous premixes (ie: including a low impact tabata) to give you options that are best suited for you on any given day. So whether you’re pushing it up, squatting it down, sliding it left or jumping around, you’ll still be burning calories long after any one of these workout options are done.

Format: Warm-Up (6:30), Fitness Blast (8.50), Firewalker Tabata (4:55), Circuit Blast (22.45), Plyo Tabata (5:20), Stretch (6:45) – Total Time 55:05

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14 thoughts on “CrossFire Video Clip

  1. Oh my! I just got AFTERBURN down…….and HIiT Intensity left me GASPING………….I better get my GAMEFACE on now! Cathe, I can’t wait to try this one! I better get extra towels!

  2. Love, love, LOVE the use of the fire walker bands for this! My glutes hurt already! Can’t wait for this one!

  3. I’ve watched this video twice now. Last night, I was like O.M.G. and really wondering if I can do this – especially the jumping with firewalkers (without hurting myself) and the circuit blast with all the weights.
    Today I think it may be doable for the most part (just like any Cathe workouts! :)). Just have to pause the tape when I cant breathe anymore! Should be interesting. Sounds like they are shipping very soon – awesome!!

    I’m sure I’ll love it and be nicely challenged as always! Thanks Cathe – I think! (wink wink)

  4. um, WOWZA! SO EXCITED! Looks incredibly INTENSE!
    I’ll be showing LOTS of teeth LOTS of the time!
    Cathe and Crew, you look fantastic and I love your outfits!
    Thank you for the update and your hard work!

  5. I am definitely psyched!! I am excited, can’t wait. However, while I’m doing this, I doubt I will be psyched and excited, but will be when the stretching time arrives!

  6. Hi All! Thank you for your excitement. The workout is very easily modified by using no band or a less resistance based band (your three pack has easy pink, medium green, and hard blue). The three jacks with a tuck can easily be modified to just doing 4 jacks and no tuck (and without a band if you want to modify more). On other exercises you can use no weight or less jumping or squatting shallow vs deeply…. Endless options! Get ready to get on Fiyah!!!

  7. What else can I say, I`m as excited as everyone….Let`s get ready to lose 2 dress sizes 🙂

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