Continued Success by Tracy Simmons

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2010)

I was first introduced to Cathe more than 10 years ago while reading a fitness magazine. I was a single gal in my mid twenties looking to make a change. I had been going to the gym for years and had even worked with numerous personal trainers. I was fit but never really satisfied with my results. I knew I was working hard but wasn’t convinced I was working smart. The article intrigued me enough that I ordered my first VHS “Maximum Intensity Strength”. Once I popped that tape in I was hooked. This was unlike anything I had ever done before. No one had ever pushed me that hard especially some one on my TV screen. I have continued to day start my day with Cathe ever since.

That is what is so amazing to me about this woman named Cathe. I have stuck with her for so long and this is why. I didn’t just buy a DVD. I purchased a complete plan of attack with an amazing online support system just a click away. The resources available at Cathe.Com have been so vital in helping me reach my fitness goals. Each day I know exactly what I am going to do and today also compliments tomorrow. I stay focused because I am focused. My Cathe library never feels dated since each month I can use them in an entirely different way than before. I don’t even have to do the work. I just need to select a rotation. Finally I had found a way to work out smart and best of all, it was showing.

I am now fast approaching my 40th birthday, married with 2 awesome little boys. My workout schedule has become increasingly difficult. I now have to rise at 4:30 AM to get my workout in before my husband leaves for work. Everyday though I do it. I have set a goal for the day and it is my time to achieve it. I enter the gym and just hit play on my Ipod. I then spend the morning working out with the best and cheapest personal trainer around. I have spent the last 10 years challenging my body in ways I never imagined. I could never thank Cathe enough for the journey. I have stuck with her through, VHS, DVD, and now digital downloads. With each new release I anxiously await for the series to arrive. Though I love getting new workouts, the oldies but goodies never lose their charm or their challenge. No matter where Cathe takes me, I still find myself back where it all started. Popping in Maximum Intensity Strength and still feeling the burn. Thank you Cathe!!! I lo ok forward to the next 10 years.

One thought on “Continued Success by Tracy Simmons

  1. Tracy, you look amazing!! I would guess you were in your twenties! And I totally agree with you about Cathe’s videos… they never seem dated or old. I’ve worked out with her for over 15 years, and I never get bored. Continued success to you (and I admire your dedication… 4:30 am?? Wow!)

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