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20 thoughts on “UPS Package Tracking

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  2. To whom it may concern. I ordered a step with which a DVD -Basic step circuit and cardio weights came free. The DVD was broken in several places. My address is Sandra Lomax HC1 Box 1685 Greenville, Mo. 63944. Please reply. Thank you

  3. I ordered the ripped Hiit series when it first came out for presale. I will be moving mid November and worried I won’t receive my order! I’ve been anxiously waiting for it. is there an estimate ship date?

  4. We expect to ship before Christmas and hopefully in November, but we won’t know a date until the videos have been authored and the masters sent to the duplicator. Just keep reading our updates and contact customer service if you need to change your address at

  5. I order the hit video in November and have not got a shipped notice. Will my order be here before Xmas ?

  6. I ordered several products from shop February 10, 2015 and wondered why it is taking so long to send these items? When may I expect them to arrive?

  7. I ordered several products from Shop on February 10, 2015 and was wondering why it is taking so long to receive them. When might I expect them to arrive?

  8. My wife ordered the step boss dvd and has not been notified when it will ship. The card has been charged.

  9. Hello, I’ve ordered some DVDs to the UK, order number is 191022, placed 02/29/2020 at 06:08AM.

    Although I put in my address and confirmed it was the UK for free shipping, my package has been help up at the post office requesting a payment of £23.90 for me to collect it. This is an overseas charge which needs to be paid by you.

    Please respond to me ASAP to confirm how you will pay this charge. I have a picture of the charge I’d you need this for your records.

    Thank you,

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