Sign Up for the 2012 Chicago Road Trip!


Registration for the 2012 Chicago Road trip has now started. Just go to Cathe Roadtrip Chicago 2012 and click on the “Buy Tickets” button

Space is limited to the first 175 people to join! A $149.50 non-refundable deposit is required to register.

Here are some important things to remember:

1. Make sure you fill out all required fields.
2. We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover
3. Make sure your credit cards expiration date is greater than 3-1-2012
4. Gift certificates can not be used for Road Trips.
5. Only click on the final processing button (Purchase Ticket) once.
6. You can only sign up one person per order.
7. Read our Terms and Conditions and refund Policy before signing up.
8. The Chicago Road Trip is limited to the first 175 people to register. All other registrants will be put on a waiting list and contacted in the event a person cancels.
9. After signing up for the Road Trip you can reserve your hotel room at the Grand Geneva by doing either of the following:

1. Call Toll Free: 855-833-5345 and say you will be attending the Cathe dot Com event on April 13 -15th. You have to mention Cathe dot Com to get your special group rate.

2. Reserve you room online: Reserve you room online After clicking on this link you will be taken to our special group rate reservation form. Then enter the dates you want to reserve your room for. Once you do this you will see the different discounted prices for each room Then just complete the form and your room will be booked.

To register for Chicago or to learn more – Click Here

3 thoughts on “Sign Up for the 2012 Chicago Road Trip!

  1. Cathe, I don’t understand why you are calling this a Chicago Road Trip.. It’s 80 miles from Chicago and not even in the same State. Why not just call it what it is, a Winconsin Road Trip. ?? Just curious

  2. I guess you could make the same argument about the two teams that will be playing in the Superbowl next week- LOL. The NY Giants are not based and don’t play their home games in NY, they play them in New Jersey. Yet they ‘re known as the New York Giants, not the New Jersey Giants. The New England Patriots are not called the Foxborough, MA Patriots, but instead the “New England” Patriots.

    It’s just very common to use the name of the closest “Big City ‘ for an event like this and Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the country and hence the name of our next Road trip. That plus the fact we have always referred to having a road trip in Chicago I think it would be more confusing to call it something else. Our Houston Road trip was also not really in Houston, but instead was held at the The Woodlands. We called it the Houston Road trip because it was the closest big city. Most people have heard of Houston, TX , but few can tell you what state The Woodlands is located in.

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