Challenge Yourself and Double Your Fitness Results

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2011)


We have now released the latest version of our free online workout scheduling, tracking and motivation software. Our Workout Manager 3.5 features a brand new section called “Challenges” that has been designed by us to help keep you motivated and on track to reach your fitness and personal goals. Studies show that people who use an online fitness journal, like our Workout Manager, lose up to double the weight of people who don’t and are more likely to stick to their exercise program for the long term.

The Workout Manager can help you make fitness a part of your daily lifestyle and our new Challenges section will not only help to keep you on the right course, but will also let you see how you compare to other home exercisers and how your fitness level improves over time. Whether you use “Challenges” to compete against others or to set and conquer your own fitness goals, the new Workout Manger 3.5 will help you to be your best.

Challenges features two major sections, including a long term challenge called “Race Across America” and a short term challenge called “Cathe’s Challenges”.

Cathe’s Race Across America

raceacrossamerica160pxWe’ve created Race Across America to help you make fitness a regular part of your normal lifestyle by setting a long term goal of virtually running across America from San Diego to New York City. You can even see your progress on the live Google Map we provide. Not a runner? – Don’t worry, you can still join the race by exercising to your favorite Cathe DVDs or whatever form of exercise you prefer. Every 100 calories you burn will count as 1 mile towards your goal of completing the nearly 3000 mile race.

You can use this race to challenge yourself or to compete against others. You can even form your own private group (perhaps from fellow employees at work or from your online friends) and have your own private race. Results are automatically entered into the Race Across America whenever you mark a workout as completed in the Workout Manager calendar. You can use the default start date or select your own start date from the list in the dropdown box. Your ranking in our leader board is based on your start date and will include any person who joins on or after your start date. Rankings are updated once every 24 hours, so today’s workout results will not be included in your ranking until tomorrow.

Cathe’s Challenges

cathechallenges160pxUnlike Race Across America, Cathe Challenges are usually short and sweet lasting 1 to 15 minutes. These micro challenges are created by Cathe to test your fitness level and to have some fun. Some challenges will be rep based while others will be time or calorie based. Cathe will always provide a short video with each challenge explaining how to do the challenge. Then just enter your results and see how you compare to everyone else (results are updated once every 24 hours). You can even form your own private group and compete among each other.

Our Workout Manager is absolutely Free. All you have to do to use it is to use your forum password and username. If you’re not already a forum member just go to our forums and register. To go to our Workout Manager – Click Here and if like our new Challenges section make sure to let our developers know by clicking the Like button below!

One thought on “Challenge Yourself and Double Your Fitness Results

  1. Just finished a pushup challenge on another site that lasted all week long and was a variety-standard, modified, plyo-some people did pikes on a ball. This will force me to have perfect form. I like that Cathe provided a video demo. Also that it keeps a record for you. Looking forward to many more challenges in the future. Bring it on!

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