Cathe’s September 2011 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)


Here is a “shock your system” rotation that is a hybrid of strength,endurance and flexibility. Enjoy the change and challenge each day brings. Expect to break through fitness plateaus and burn fat and calories while gaining lean muscle mass. You can now also download the September 2011 rotation into your Workout Manager calendar. Happy Labor Day everyone!

Week One:

Mon: Body Max 2
Tues: Hit 40/20 plus 20 minute steady state run
Wed: Body Max Original
Thurs: KPC
Fri: OFF
Sat: Step Pump and Jump
Sun: Stretch or yoga workout

Week Two:

Mon: Gym Style Back/ Bi/ Shoulders
Tues: Imax 3
Wed: Gym Style Legs
Thurs: Yoga or Stretch workout
Fri: Gym Style Chest and Triceps
Sat: Butts and Guts
Sun: Off

Week Three:

Mon: Cross Train Express 10-10-10
Tues: Cross Train Express Leaner Legs
Wed: Total Body Stretching DVD
Thurs: Cross Train Express All Step
Fri: Cross Train Express Kickbox
Sat: Cross Train Express Power Circuit
Sun: Cross Train Express Step and Intervals

Week Four:

Mon: Slow and Heavy..Legs and Shoulders
Tues: Imax 2
Wed: Slow and Heavy Chest and Back
Thurs: Hit 30/30 plus a 20 minute steady state run Plus Ab Circuits No equipment
Fri: Slow and Heavy Shoulders and Triceps
Sat: Off
Sun: Muscle Max plus 20 minute indoor or outdoor bike ride
Happy Labor Day!

3 thoughts on “Cathe’s September 2011 Rotation

  1. I pre-ordered the Low Intensity set and I hope that you will create a workout schedule for that when it is shipped. I am so poor at knowing what to do when. Thanks.

  2. That would be great! I’m with Theresa. I like sets and just plug in what DVD for each day. Hope it’s included or posted somewhere.

  3. Iam soooooooo with the ladies above… It would be so wonderful to have a workout rotation/calendar telling u which days to do what, so u are doing it correctly and get results in the right order!!!

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