Cathe’s May 2019 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s May 2019 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2019)

Cathe's May 2019 Workout Rotation

Hi Everyone!  This May 2019 workout rotation focuses on getting our bodies ready to wear tank tops, swimsuits, and shorts.  Plan to keep your heart rate high while developing strength and endurance over the course of each week.   Be sure to eat well, stay hydrated and get a good sound sleep for maximum benefits.

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Monday…PHA 2

Tuesday…Imax 3

Wednesday…Ramped Up Upper Body

Thursday…Cardio Slam

Friday…Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower

Saturday…Hard Strikes




Monday…PHA Training (original)

Tuesday…Imax 2

Wednesday…Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper

Thursday…Cardio Party Plus Calorie Crush

Friday…Pyramid Lower Body (Intensity series)

Saturday …ICE Rock m’ Sock M’ Kickbox




Monday…Athletic Training

Tuesday…Intensity (step workout)

Wednesday…Pyramid Pump Upper Body

Thursday…Cardio Core Circuit (shock cardio)

Friday…Pyramid Pump Lower Body

Saturday…Rev’d Up Rumble Plus Calorie Crush




Monday…Total Body Giant Sets

Tuesday…Step Blast

Wednesday…Pyramid Upper Body (Intensity Series)

Thursday…Low Impact Sweat

Friday…High Step Training

Saturday…Rockout Knockout


One thought on “Cathe’s May 2019 Workout Rotation

  1. On Week 2.. Just did PHA (Original) and I sweated up a storm. I didn’t do the weight Cathe did because I am not at her level, but I modified it, but I did the three risers. I thought since it is weights you don’t sweat, but I was proven wrong with PHA. I really like May 2019 Rotation because there is more Step Workouts and more emphasis on the upper body! Also, I don’t like weights, but I have found doing weights make you stronger and help you more with your cardio, who would have thunk it! And you will get your heart racing too! To those that think they can’t do Cathe because it is really advance my advice modify, modify, modify! It is fine to modify! There is no workout police out there going to put you in fitness jail because you modify! I do it all the time. The main thing is to get off the couch and do something!!! Have a great day! Jennifer

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