Cathe’s May 2018 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s May 2018 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

image of all the video covers used in Cathe's May 2018 workout rotation

Hi Everyone!  Get ready, get set…goooo!  This month visits lots of workouts we haven’t touched in a while to shock your metabolism as you dive into the season of losing the heavier layers of clothing.  Time to get busy!

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Mon…Step Blast

Tues…4DS Kickbox in its entirety (Legs)

Wed…Cycle Sweat (or solid cardio of choice)

Thurs…Muscle Max

Fri…Rock’m Sock’m

Sat…Athletic Training

Sun  OFF



Mon…Power Hour

Tues ..Lift It Hiit It Legs

Wed…RIDE (or solid cardio of choice)

Thurs …High Reps

Fri…MMA Kickboxing

Sat….Flex Train

Sun  OFF




Tues …Cardio Leg Blast

Wed…Pedal Power (or solid cardio of choice)

Thurs…Muscle Endurance

Fri…Kick Punch and Crunch

Sat…Circuit Blast

Sun  OFF



Mon…Party Rockin Step #2

Tues …Chiseled Lower Body Blast

Wed…Cycle Max (or solid cardio of choice)

Thurs…STS Total Body

Fri…Kick Max

Sat…Super Cuts

Sun  OFF

5 thoughts on “Cathe’s May 2018 Workout Rotation

  1. A very good fat burning, tone it up , spring rotation!! You always seem to keep each rotation fresh! Thank you for years and years of great rotations!!

  2. I am noticing some of your rotations do not allow enough rest for the muscles being worked . For instance doing” Power Hour “which works legs then the next day doing “Lift it hiit it Legs”. This does not allow the proper 48 hours rest between using the same muscle groups. This could result in injury or improper rest. Im concerned about this. Ive noticed it several times. Please work on this issue. Thanks

  3. Hi Jodie, there really is nothing wrong with doing Power Hour followed by Lift iT HiiT it Legs. Power Hour is a hi-rep low-weight total body workout. Since the weights you use in Power Hour are less than 50% of your one max rep the workout does not cause enough trauma to your muscles to require 48 hours of rest. You only need 48 hours of rest when you use a weight that causes enough trauma to your muscles that a longer rest period is needed. To cause this amount of trauma you need a weight that is at least above 60% of your one rep max and where you train at an intensity where you train to failure or near failure. This usually means that you select a weight where you can’t lift past about a minute or less before your form fails or you can’t do another rep. In Power Hour you train each muscle group for about 5 minutes, so the intensity and trauma is not great enough to require 2 days of rest.

  4. Hi Cathe!

    I have a question in regards to doing 3 HIIT workouts a week. After doing that can I do a cardio non HIIT workout for the other days. I also weight train with your dvd’s.

  5. Hi Debby, Generally speaking you can mix HiiT and moderate intensity workouts into your workout week. However, the amount of recovery time you will need will vary based on the intensity of the Hiit and other workouts you do as well as other factors. Listen to your body and be careful not to overtrain!

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