Cathe’s May 2014 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s May 2014 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Cathe's May 2014 Workout Rotation

This May 2014 rotation is all about shaking it up with shock training. Doing multiple types of workouts with various frequency, length duration & intensity. The goal is to keep your body from adapting to the “fitness chaos” its experiencing this month. Expect your metabolism to catapult, your fitness level to be taken to a new height and both your aerobic endurance and your lactate threshold to be improved. To get best results, eat clean, sleep soundly and drink a lot of water water. Commit to burn calories, burn excess body fat and chisel some lean muscle!!!!!

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Mon….Slow & Heavy Chest & Back

Tues…Hiit 40/20 plus Ab Circuits/ Weights & Plates

Wed….Slow & Heavy Legs & Shoulders

Thurs….Cardio Core Circuit

Fri….Slow & Heavy Biceps & Triceps…plus Ab Circuits/Stability Ball

Sat….All Out Low Impact Hiit

Sun….Yoga Relax


Mon….Body Max 2

Tues….High Reps

Wed….Kick Punch & Crunch

Thurs…..Muscle Max

Fri…IMAX 2

Sat ……..Afterburn 

Sun…Stretch Max Segment One



Mon…Gym Style Chest & Triceps 

Tues…MMA Boxing plus Ab Circuits/No Equipment

Wed….Gym Style Legs

Thurs….Tabatacise …as much as you can do

Fri….Gym Style Back, Shoulders Biceps

Sat….Kick Max

Sun….Ab Circuits Yoga Based plus Yoga Relax



Mon…..4DS..Higher Intensity Step

Tues…..Peddle Power ( or other solid cardio of choice)


Thurs….RIDE ( or other solid cardio of choice)

Fri….4DS …Kickbox

Sat ….Flextrain

Sun….4DS….Higher Intensity Split


2 thoughts on “Cathe’s May 2014 Workout Rotation

  1. This Cathe on Demand subscription is the best! I did a new workout on my computer this morning, and it was great! It is like having a gym membership with classes that happen on my schedule–and I never get bored, because there are so many. Clicking on a link in the monthly rotation that automatically starts the video you want to do is also terrific. Now I will look forward to our frequent travels since I will always have access to a good workout video. Amazing! Thank you, Cathe and team!

  2. I love having Cathe On Demand. I have never worked so hard. After today’s exercise I understand what a good workout is. Thank you.

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