Cathe’s March 2018 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s March 2018 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

image of all of the video covers for the workouts uses in Cathe Friedrich's March 2018 workout rotation

Hi Everyone!  We may be getting ready to turn the clocks ahead during this rotation, but we will also be reaching back in time to grab some of older favorite workouts!  Get ready to step, lift, jump, pump and sweat through an intense mix of solid cardio, solid weight and circuit workouts. Take extra rest if needed, make sure you eat well and get your water in! Good luck everyone, you so have this!

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Monday…Step Jump and Pump

Tuesday….Cardio Kicks

Wednesday…Maximum Intensity Strength


Friday…Boot Camp (original)

Saturday …Butts and Guts




Monday…Step Blast

Tuesday…Kick, Punch and Crunch

Wednesday…Muscle Endurance

Thursday…IMAX 2

Friday…Turbo Barre

Saturday …Cross Train Xpress Leaner Legs




Monday…Rhythmic Step

Tuesday…Cross Train Express: Kickbox

Wednesday…Hi Reps

Thursday…IMAX 3

Friday…Circuit Max

Saturday …Pure Strength Legs and Abs




Monday…Power Max

Tuesday…Kick Max

Wednesday…Muscle Max


Friday…Circuit Blast

Saturday …Pyramid Lower Body


14 thoughts on “Cathe’s March 2018 Workout Rotation

  1. I am just coming back from knee replacement surgery in late December. I’ve been doing some Muscle Meltdowns and premixed to get back into my workouts (along with Physical Therapy, of course)!

    Please consider putting together “Getting Back Into It” Workout Rotation. Thanks!

  2. Getting back into fitness and have been revisiting Cathe’s workouts through Cathe on Demand. This rotation will be challenging but I will do my best to make it through. I also like Marcia Walsh’s suggestion of a “Getting back Into It” rotation.

  3. Great idea indeed! My knee injury is older than yours but I could still use the same type of rotation

  4. please put together a monthly rotation that does not include step workouts. Thank you.

  5. I’d love to see a Cathe yoga workout thrown in during the week. Perhaps on a Thursday?

  6. I am glad Cathe has more Step routines in this routine. I have problem with my left knee and I find that Step routines actually do help it because it actually the routine changes the way the knee is position. When I am walking it is in the same up and down, but step changes. Well, it helps me, it may not help others, but it does me. And I get the other benefit of sweating which is excellent because I feel like I did something!

  7. I agree completely!! I stuttered thru Lyme Disease last year and my muscles are shot!! But definitely a plus for keeping my hip in check. It’s bone on bone and this is the 6th year of putting it off —- thanks to Cathe! Now I have to figure out what I can do since I broke 4 ribs and a collapsed lung. Makes me want to pull my hair out!!!

  8. This is Jen again. Thanks for the nice comments. I thought I was going to get slammed on it. I call Cathe Step routines my drug (crack) of choice. They are my addiction! Don’t get me wrong, they are hard, but so rewarding. If I could do the Step, 7 days a week without doing no strength/resistance dvds , I would. I love it when I am in the 30 minute part of it and Cathe is saying “we are in this together” because she is doing it with and she is sometimes on two risers. Cathe is amazing! She is on two risers, talking and cueing us and making it look effortless. I don’t know how she does it. She is the true Wonder Woman! Also, about this March rotation is Cathe has her classics from the late 90s, which is cool. So glad there are more Step routines to master!

  9. I also miss Cathe Step routines! I know she has a new one in her new series, but it isn’t like her normal ones. I wish Cathe would do some new ones. I guess the Step isn’t in fashion, but I wish it was.

  10. Dear Carol! Sorry to hear about your lungs! I don’t know how to help you since I am not a doctor. But, I do understand what it is like not to be able to do anything. Just keep on trucking and there is light at the end of the tunnel! Jennifer

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