Cathe’s Lower Body Focus Rotation- Feb 2012

shutterstock_89344879Hi Everyone! This Feb 2012 we will be “attacking” the Lower Body along with an overall total body conditioning workout. The beauty of this is that because the legs are the large muscle groups of the body, they require more oxygen during workouts, therefore making the workouts more aerobic. And more aerobic based workouts mean we are also burning more calories and stored fat. So not only are we getting some lean and fit legs …we are burning overall body fat in the process. Time to get busy!!!


Mon: Body Max 2

Tues: Cycle Max or Step max

Wed: Hiit 20/40

Thurs: Legs and Glutes

Fri: Cardio Core Circuit

Sat: Muscle Endurance

Sun: Off or Yoga Relax


Mon: STS Plyo Legs (of choice) plus Ab Circuits No Equipment

Tues: Kick Punch and Crunch

Wed: Leaner Legs

Thurs: Slide and Glide (cardio portion only) plus Total Body Trisets (Upper Body Premix Only)

Fri: Low Impact Challenge

Sat: IMAX 2

Sun: Off or Yoga Relax


Mon: HIIT 30/30

Tues: Butts and Guts

Wed: Kick Max

Thurs: Intensity

Fri: Muscle Max

Sat: OFF or Yoga Relax

Sun: Turbo Barre


Mon: Cardio Core Circuits

Tues: Lower Body Blast

Wed: Cycle Max or Intensity

Thurs: High Reps

Fri: Cardio Kicks

Sat: 4 Day split Kickbox (this workout includes legs and Abs after kickbox)

Sun: Off or Yoga Relax

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