Cathe’s June 2014 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s June 2014 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Cathe Friedrich's June 2014 Workout Rotation

Hello Cathletes! This June 2014 rotation is full of variety. Get ready to “play” with a great mix of old and new workouts diced up to keep your muscles and metabolism pumped and rev’d. Eat well and stay hydrated, especially as we approach the summer months. Enjoy this months Rotation!


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Tuesday…Intensity (step)


Thurs…Hard Strikes

Fri…XTRAIN…Chest/Back Shoulders

Sat…HiiT 40/20

Sun….Yoga Relax


Mon….Muscle Max

Tuesday…Low Impact Step Challenge

Wed….Pyramid Upper Body

Thurs….Imax 2

Fri…4 Day Split Kickbox in its entirety (legs and Abs too)

Sat…Cycle Max or a solid cardio substitute

Sun….Yoga Max


Mon…Cardio Core Circuit

Tuesday….Muscle Endurance

Wed…Party Rockin Step #2

Thurs….Butts n Guts

Fri….MMA Boxing

Sat…Flex Train

Sun….Yoga Relax


Mon….Hiit Double Wave Pyramid

Tuesday….STS Total Body

Wed….MMA Kickbox

Thurs….RIDE or solid cardio workout of choice

Fri…. STS Total Body


Sun….Yoga Max



10 thoughts on “Cathe’s June 2014 Workout Rotation

  1. I love the rotations! Subscribing to OnDemand was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can do all the rotations in full and reap all the benefits, plus try new videos I never would have thought to try. Loving everything about Just a great site!

  2. I’m so happy with my decision to subscribe to On Demand. I am loving these workouts. Perfect timing because I was getting bored with my old routine. Love the variety and the rotations (because I have such a hard time making a decision on my own.) I need a few more items though: a longer step bench, and I don’t have a barbell but I do have a sandbag but it’s only 20lbs. May have to take these workouts to the gym. (if I’m not too self-conscious)

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