Cathe’s July 2017 Rotation

Cathe’s July 2017 Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)


Cathe's July 2017 Rotation

Hi Everyone!  Yay!!! Summer is in full swing and going strong!  So hard to focus on fitness when the warm weather festivities are calling our names.  No matter what your summer plans are, make sure you try stay on track with your fitness routine! This rotation will help to keep you fit and fabulous all summer long! Enjoy! And always remember to stay hydrated!

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Monday…Ramped Up Upper Body

Tuesday…Lean Legs and Abs

Wednesday…Rock Out Knock Out

Thursday…Party Rockin Step Workout 2

Friday…Cardio Core Circuit

Saturday …Flex Train




Monday…Cross Fire

Tuesday…Lift It Hit It Back,Biceps,Shoulders

Wednesday…Cardio Slam

Thursday…Lift it Hit It Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

Friday…Low Impact Challenge

Saturday ….Lift It Hiit It Legs




Monday…Metabolic Total Body

Tuesday…Hard Strikes


Thursday…Imax 3

Friday…Giant Sets

Saturday …Low Impact Sweat




Monday…Great Glutes


Wednesday…Chiseled Lower Body Blast


Friday…Chiseled Upper Body

Saturday …All Out Low Impact Hit


One thought on “Cathe’s July 2017 Rotation

  1. Love these monthly rotations, really helps with me staying on track. I didn’t June’s rotation and resulted in me shedding 6 lbs and able to get into some pants I couldn’t get into since early last year. I gained weight due to shoulder surgery in 2016 and had to modify my workouts, none the less I stuck with it. I’ll continue this month and look forward to shedding more weight.

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