Cathe’s January 2016 Workout Rotation

Cathe’s January 2016 Workout Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Cathe's January 2016 Workout Rotation

Now that you have had some time to get familiar with your ICE series workouts here is a rotation that’s sure to get 2016 off to an amazing start (Blizzard Blasts are optional on every workout).  Get ready to lose unwanted holiday pounds, strengthen muscles and reduce body fat!  It’s time to ICE ICE Baby!!!!

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Mon… Rock’m Sock’m (Triceps)

Tuesday…To The Mat: Legs and Glutes + Icy Core 2

Wed…Chiseled Upper Body + Icy Core 1

Thursday… Low Impact Sweat (Back)

Fri… Chiseled Lower Body (Shoulders)

Sat… off

Sun… Boot Camp Circuit (Biceps)



Monday… Low Impact Sweat (Back)

Tuesday… Rock’m Sock’m (Triceps) + Icy Core 1

Wed… off

Thursday… Metabolic Total Body (Chest)

Fri… Chiseled Lower Body Blast (Shoulders) + Icy Core 2

Sat… Off

Sun… Boot Camp Circuit (Biceps)



Mon… Chiseled Upper Body + Icy Core 2

Tuesday… Low Impact Sweat (Back)

Wednesday… To The Mat: Legs & Glutes (Shoulders)

Thursday… Rock’m Sock’m (Triceps) + Icy Core 1

Fri… Metabolic Total Body (Chest)

Sat… OFF

Sun… Boot Camp Circuit (Biceps)



Mon…Low Impact Sweat (Back)

Tuesday… Chiseled Upper Body + Icy Core 1

Wed… Rock’m Sock’m (Triceps)

Thursday…Chiseled Lower Body+ Icy Core 2

Fri… Metabolic Total Body (Chest)

Sat… OFF

Sun… To The Mat: Legs & Glutes (Shoulders)

6 thoughts on “Cathe’s January 2016 Workout Rotation

  1. The four week rotation you just recommended … well, should I still do cardio on the treadmill prior to the tape on those days or not? Or is what you suggested enough to see a difference? I ask, because I never know how much and when to stop. Thanks.

  2. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying these ICE workouts. They are still challenging (despite being intermediate) without having all the dread factor that the workouts following the Intensity series had for me. The magic seems to be back! Thanks Cathe!

  3. I love these rotations. I was so excited I was able to complete all of Decembers rotation. I am already on to this one and loving it. Please keep such great workouts coming. I have been following you for at least 10 years and I love your workouts and the variety you have. I really enjoyed the ripped with hiit series as well. Please keep more of these coming!!

  4. Loving the ICE series- for being intermediate, the videos are still challenging in my opinion. Thanks again for another great monthly rotation.

  5. Wow!!! Just when I didn’t think Cathe could come up with any more fun ways to exercise…along comes ICE…the music, the colors of the work-out clothes, the back-drops, all support a very challenging but FUN work-out series…couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase!!! Kudos to an excellent production.

  6. These came at the perfect time to help me cope with my husbands infidelity-they were my daily antidepressant and after craving trying each of the DVD’s every morning I am now on the 2nd day of the rotation.Not only do I have my self worth back,I feel stronger both mentally and physically

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