Cathe’s Jan 2014 Metabolic Rotation

Cathe’s Jan 2014 Metabolic Rotation

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

Cathe's Jan 2014 Metabolic Rotation

Hi Everyone! Happy 2014. I hope your holiday was everything you wanted it to be. This month almost everyone in the universe is starting their New Years Resolutions and of course one of the top three every year is to lose weight. With that in mind this month is going to focus on metabolic workouts and heavier lifting. Both of these types of workouts burn body fat, rev the metabolism and help you lose inches. In addition metabolic workouts, in which the focus is on compound movements, are great because they keep your body releasing growth hormone to ensure as much strength and muscular growth as possible while dieting. The key to this rotation is that it MUST accompany a clean diet or your results will be minimal for fat loss. But what better time than now to want to eat clean and purge unnecessary body fat! Let’s Do this!!!


Mon…..After Burn Plus Abs Circuits Weight and Plates

Tues….. Gym Style Legs

Wed….Flex Train Plus Kick Max (leg conditioning drills only)

Thurs…..Gym Style Chest and Triceps

Fri….Cardio Core Circuits

Sat….Gym Style Back Shoulders and Biceps




Mon…..X10 in its entirety (or try a 60 minute premix)

Tues…..BodyBlast series Legs and Glutes

Wed…. Gym Style Chest and Triceps


Fri…. Gym Style Back Shoulders and Biceps




Mon…..Super Cuts plus Ab Circuits Yoga based

Tues…..Cardio Leg Blast

Wed….After Burn

Thurs…..4DS…Kickbox in its entirety

Fri…. Gym Style Chest and Triceps

Sat…. Gym Style Back Shoulders and Biceps




Mon…..Cross Fire plus Ab Circuits Stability Ball

Tues…..STS Plyo Legs (any of the 4 week discs)

Wed…. Gym Style Chest and Triceps

Thurs…..Gym Style Legs

Fri……Tabatacise…(as many as you can do)

Sat…. Gym Style Back Shoulders and Biceps



5 thoughts on “Cathe’s Jan 2014 Metabolic Rotation

  1. @ Suzi and Gail, Cathe puts out a different rotation almost monthly. The majority of Cathe’s followers have been with her for decades and purchase her dvd’s immediately upon release. I realize a lot of people are new to Cathe and don’t have all her dvd’s, like myself and others. It would probably be better for you to just substitute similar dvd’s if you don’t own the ones listed.

  2. What if your goal is to not lose weight? Could you substitute a cardio day with a lighter weight workout (give examples) or with yoga/pilates?

  3. I love this rotation! Probably my favourite thus far. I did it once, went through other rotations and workouts, and now I’m repeating it (in July!). Well thought out and structured.

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