Cathe’s April 2014 Workout Rotation

Cathe's April 2014 Workout Roatation


H Everyone! With April about to begin, many of us who don’t live in warmer climate states year round are realizing that it is almost time to permanently switch our wardrobe to short sleeves, shorts and fun dresses. Did a little panic just set in reading that? Lol No worries…I got it covered. This month will focus on getting great definition and fat loss. We will do this through high rep workouts, cardio activity and a clean diet. To get maximum benefits from this rotation you must be diligent in all three areas (and I ain’t ‘April foolin’…ha).

Arrrre Youuu Readdddyyyyy?



Mon ….High Reps

Tuesday…Leaner Legs

Wed….X10 in its entirety

Thursday….Butts and Guts including Stability Ball Abs

Fri…Cardio Core Circuits

Sat…Body Max 2

Sun…Yoga Relax


Mon…Flex Train

Tues…Hard Strikes

Wed….Pedal Power or solid 50 minute cardio of choice




Sun….Yoga Relax


Mon….Cardio Leg Blast

Tuesday….Pyramid Upper Body

Wed…Bootcamp (original)

Thursday…Tabatacise…as many as you can do (but a minimum of 35 minutes)

Fri…MMA Boxing

Sat….Lower Body Blast

Sun…Yoga Relax


Mon…Athletic Training…plus Ab Circuits weights and plates

Tuesday…All out Low Impact Hiit

Wed…Legs and Glutes

Thursday…Cardio Kicks

Fri.…Power Hour

Sat… All out Low Impact Hiit

Sun…Yoga Relax


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