Cathe’s April 2011 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
April 2011
April 2011

Hi Everyone: This month we are mixing some old circuits with some new circuits. If you don’t own a particular listed workout, substitute a comparable DVD of your choice. Expect to lose some pounds and tone some muscle. This all works even better if you eat healthy, drink water and sleep like a baby! Don’t forget to download this rotation to your Workout Manager calendar.


Monday: Low Impact Circuit
Tuesday: Hiit Double Wave Pyramid
Wednesday: Circuit Blast
Thursday: Kick Punch and Crunch
Friday: Cardio Core Circuit
Saturday: Step Blast
Sunday: Off


Monday: Circuit Max
Tuesday: Hiit 30/30
Wednesday: High Step Challenge
Thursday: Leaner Legs plus Ab Circuits with Stability Ball
Friday: Drill Max
Saturday: Kick Max
Sunday: OFF


Monday: High Step Training
Tuesday: Hiit 40/20
Wednesday: Step Jump and Pump
Thursday: Steady state run or treadmill for 40 minutes
Friday: Cardio and Weights
Saturday: Rhythmic Step
Sunday: OFF


Monday: STS Plyo Legs (any of the plyo legs discs)
Tuesday: IMAX 2
Wednesday: High Reps
Thursday: 4 Day Split Kickbox Workout in its entirety
Friday: Cardio Fusion in its entirety (look here if you need to see which DVD this is: )
Saturday: STS Total Body
Sunday: OFF

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