Cathe TV – STS Week #9

This week’s show is broken into two segments on YouTube and may be viewed at:

Show #9 – Part A

Show #9 – Part B

Highlights of Show #9 Part A

1. In this week’s show Cathe Recaps the 4th and final week of STS mesocycle #2, discs 22,23 and 24. Cathe also briefly discusses what you should expect when you start mesocycle #3 after taking a week off enjoying your active recovery week. Cathe stresses the importance of finding a weight you can only do 9 times, not 10,11 or 12 times, in your last and final mesocycle in the STS program.

2. In our Form & Foundation segment this week Cathe gives detailed form pointers for three exercises: Flat Bench Press, Incline Bench Press and a Decline Press. A muscle animation is shown for the Incline Bench Press.

Highlights of Show #9 Part B

Cathe answers the following questions from our Cathe TV forum:

1. I’m having trouble keeping the bar in place without pain during front squats in Meso 3. I’m using 85 lbs on the bar for this exercise and that weight is bruising my upper arms/shoulders and is a huge stress on my hands when I try to hold it in place, particularly for my thumbs. I’ve tried the criss-crossed hand position and that hurts too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. –

2. Loving STS. Who knew I could bench press 65lbs!!!. I have a question, how do you stop your elbows from flaring when doing the Flat Bench Tricep Extensions? Could you demonstrate the proper form on Cathe TV? Thanks. – Yvonne

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