Cathe TV – STS Week #8

This week’s show is broken into two segments on YouTube and may be viewed at:

Show #8 – Part A

Show #8 – Part B

Highlights of Show #8 Part A

1. In this week’s show Cathe Recaps the 3rd week of STS mesocycle #2, discs 19,20 and 21. Cathe also briefly discusses the 4th week of Mesocycle #2, discs 22,23,24, which feature shorter but very intense drop sets.
2. Cathe answers the following question from our Cathe TV forum:

“I love STS and cannot believe how fast the program is going and what a different I am seeing in my strength! During many of your workouts, you talk about imagining the muscles you are working while you are executing the movements. I am mostly successful at this until it comes to the one arm row. I am not sure exactly which muscles in my back I should be focused on the most. Are the lats correct for this, or is it more the center of the back? Would you please also highlight the differences between the normal row vs. a horizontal row? Thank you so much! STS Rocks!!”

Even if you’re an experienced lifter you will not want to miss the form pointers Cathe gives for doing One Arm Rows in this show. It just might make you rethink how you’re currently doing One Arm Rows (muscle animation is shown).

3. Cathe demonstrates and explains how you can do your own indoor circuit workout without equipment no matter where you are.

Highlights of Show #8 Part B

4. Since this is a Holiday week and winter is now over, Cathe wanted to take you outside for some fresh air, but the weather didn’t want to cooperate. But not to worry, our aerobics room has plenty of room and Cathe filmed this outdoor Boot Camp Circuit segment inside. If the weather is nice this weekend grab some dixie cups or towels as markers and do something different by having a fun but intense boot camp outdoor circuit.

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