Cathe TV – STS Week #7

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

This week’s show is broken into two segments on YouTube and may be viewed at:
  1. Show #7 – Part A
  2. Show #7 – Part B
Highlights of Show #7
1. In this week’s show Cathe Recaps the 2nd week of STS mesocycle #2, Discs 16,17 and 18. Cathe also briefly discusses the 3rd week of Mesocycle #2, discs 19,20,21, which features Double Wave Loading.
2. Cathe demonstrates and gives form pointers for Flat Bench Chest Flys (muscle animation is shown), and Incline Chest Flys.
3. Cathe demonstrates the high intensity interval principle by taking you into our health club and demonstrating this technique on a treadmill.
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