Cathe TV – STS Week #12


Cathe doing a Bent Leg Pushup with a Fitness by Cathe weighted vest.

Cathe doing a bent leg weighted vest pushup.

Our newest Cathe TV show (STS – Week 12) is now up. You may view Cathe’s newest show now by going to the following url:

Highlights of Show #12

In this week’s show Cathe briefly recaps the 3rd week of STS mesocycle #3, discs 31, 32 and 33. She then finishes the segment by answering the following questions from our Cathe TV forum about Y’s with a band and Military Pushups.

Ys with the band

Cathe can you show me where to squeeze when I’m doing Ys with the band. I can really feel it when I do Ts but somehow during Ys I seem to feel it only in my shoulders.
I just completed Meso 2 which was a great accomplishment for me. I was quite a bit stronger on my left side (from carrying kids) and that has evened out. I am in the best shape of my life and I haven’t even finished STS…I feel unstoppable. THANK YOU!
I am putting STS2 on my wish list. Sincerely, Wendy

Working Towards a Miltary Push Up

I’m a fairly strong female regarding weights, but somehow I find it ridiculously impossible to complete a military push up. I think my core might not be strong enough since my back starts to hurt after only about 4. I believe 6 might be the most that I can do. Also, my elbows have the tendency to flare out. I can do some wide stance push up but the 30 military push up in meso 1 week 1 are too difficult and I drop to my knees. Is there a way to correct this? If so, how often should I do this? – Kissedbysunshine

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