Cathe TV – STS Week #10

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

sts-wk10We have now started using WordPress for Cathe TV. From now on the best way to view new and old Cathe TV shows is to go to the home page and click on the image link for Cathe TV. You may also go directly to the Cathe TV home page by following this link: With our new WordPress layout it is now very easy to find, search and watch any our current and former Cathe TV shows.

Highlights of Show #10 Part A

In this week’s show Cathe Recaps the first week of STS mesocycle #3, discs 25,26 and 27. Cathe then demonstrates several options for lower and upper body using a weighted vest.

Highlights of Show #10 Part B
Cathe answers the following question from our Cathe TV forum:   First off, I just finished my 1st. week of STS and I absolutely love it. I don’t know why I was nervous about starting. You did an excellent job w/ this series and I can’t wait for STS cardio.Now to the question. I just finished Disc3 Legs and found that my forearms were on fire towards the end. When I did the first round of wide stance deadlifts I was using 22.5 lbs. and thought I could go a bit heavier because my legs felt like they weren’t being challenged enough. Well, when I got to squats using 25 lbs. then into calf raises, I really started to feel the heat. By the time I got to narrow squats (w/ 22.5lbs), followed by calf raises & then deadlifts my forearms were screaming but I felt I could have gone heavier, at least for the deadlifts. What do you do when forearm burn gets in the way of going heavier?Sorry so long, I think I’m still on my STS high – KC

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