Cathe Talks About Low Impact Circuit

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2009)

Good Morning Everyone!

Before we leave to edit I just want to quickly give you the break down of Low Impact Circuit.…..I just love this workout. It has such fun music, easy and energetic step choreography, blasts that feel so engaging that you don’t even realize how hard your working, and weight work that has some neat new twists to it. We all loved when it was LIC’s rehearsal day because we knew we were going to sing, sweat, and laugh.
Let me share the details with you play by play!

The warm up…..a good solid step warm up to get your muscles feeling good.

Circuit Cycle One:
Step Combo: A low impact step combo that is fun to do and broken down just a bit longer than the others since it came right off of the warm up. The V-step variation on and off the step is my favorite move in this combo.
Step Blast: This is an absolute heart rate raiser…and of course its ALL low impact too. I love this one. It is a core crunch repeater mixed with a leg side (abduction) repeater all done in an around the world movement pattern. Its intensely fun.
Leg/cardio….side lunge with overhead press combo
Lateral raise
overhead press
External rotation pulls

Circuit Cycle Two:
Step Combo: Another step combo, however, with less breakdown which will keep you mentally focused. My favorite part of this combo is the walk, walk, turn as well as a fun variation of a knee hesitation move.
Step Blast: Another toughie where you will scoop high and lunge low in a movement pattern that your familiar with so you can give your all to the blast.
Leg cardio: back lunges/bicep curls
Bicep curls with bandBicep curls without band
Straddle push ups
Lying Extentions

Circuit Cycle Three:
Step Combo: Another fun combo that has minimal breakdown and keep you moving and grooving. My favorite part of this combo is the 1,2,3,turn 1,2,3, and over.
Step Blast: This may be the toughest of the three, although it is a close call. You do a sequential step knee down tap low in an around the world type pattern. You will be winded, trust me.
Balancing squats with various leg angles to create a constant balance challenge.
Negative and positive slow push ups
Uneven push ups
Lat pull downs w/resistance band
Scapular retractions w/ band
Double Arm standing Row w/ band
Abs: An effective routine that hits the abs/core from all angles. I love the slow roll backs. They work the negative portion of the movement which really challenges the lower abs.

Stretch….ahhhh feels so good.

Premix Bonus:
I have added a bonus step combo and blast cycle for a special premix. This premix will put the step warm up and the three step combo’s/blasts together with the addition of this fourth step combo and blast. This will make it so that you can enjoy a solid low impact high intensity step workout without weights if you prefer. I think you will just love the bonus add on combo. It is a lot of fun and a little longer than the others too. Ok, off to edit 🙂

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