Cathe Live Starts This Thursday, May 8th!

Cathe Live Starts This Thursday, May 8th!

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2014)

Cathe Live Starts This Thursday, May 8th!

Calling All Cathletes…..let me hear your ideas please! I’m so excited to begin filming live classes EVERY Thursday (starting May 8th) from 9:15am to 10:15am ET. If you have any requests for types of classes you would like to see please post in the provided link below. I have many one on one types of workouts I plan to film in addition to the live Thursday classes too. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Here is What You Can Expect:

Cathe Live will feature two totally different types of classes:

1. Group Classes from our Gym

2. Cathe One on One

On May 8th we will launch Cathe Live with a morning group class from our Gym. This class will broadcast live starting at about 9:15 am ET (barring any technical issues), but will also be recorded so that you can watch it whenever you like. This broadcast will feature six cameras and we would like your input in our forums about which camera angles and views you like and don’t like. Since this is a live and real group class from our Gym we are somewhat limited in camera shots and views, but we would like your feedback so that we can make adjustments and improve our live productions. May 8th is only the beginning and over time we will tweak and improve our live gym broadcasts.

Our Cathe One on One classes will be filmed with the home exerciser totally in mind and will probably be more similar in style to many of our videos you’ve purchased from us in the past. Many of these videos will be shot in our filming studio, but sometimes we will use other parts of our Gym or even go outside. Cathe One on One will give us the opportunity to film videos that we would have liked to have made in the past but were passed over for videos that appealed to more people. We  will have more about Cathe One on One in another newsletter.

Since we’re just starting with Cathe Live it will take a while to build up our video inventory. We hope to have close to 100 Cathe Live videos on our site that you will be able to access and workout to by this time next year, but for now we start with just one workout and we will add to our inventory every month and almost every week. For now we suggest purchasing our OnDemand  package which includes Cathe Live for Free + plus all of our regular video productions. But if you prefer you may just purchase Cathe Live, but understand it will take a while to build up our video inventory to something more significant.

*It will only cost $9.97 per month to subscribe to Cathe Live once we get started, but if you take advantage of our Grand Opening special for our new On Demand network for $19.97 per month you will get Cathe Live for Free!  | Subscribe to OnDemand |

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