Cathe Christmas and Holiday Gift Certificates Guide


Cathe Gift Certificate

Cathe Christmas & Holiday Gift Certificates

Running out of time?…or not exactly sure which DVD or video your friend or spouse wants….then why not purchase a Cathe Gift Certificate. There are three different types of Gift Certificates, so make sure to purchase the correct type:

  1. Gift Certificates Cathe Live and OnDemand Memberships: | Purchase Gift Certificates |
  2. Gift Certificates for DVDs and Fitness products: Purchase Gift Certificates |
  3. Gift Coupons for Our Download site: See the list below.

1. These Gift Certificates may be used ONLY towards the following Cathe Live and OnDemand Memberships:

  • Cathe Live Six Month Membership (does not auto renew) – $60
  • Cathe Live One Year Membership (does not auto renew) – $120
  • Cathe Live + OnDemand Six Month Membership (does not auto renew) – $120
  • Cathe Live + OnDemand One Year Membership (does not auto renew) – $240

Cathe Live and OnDemand Gift Certificates are a great way to give friends and relatives six months or a year of Cathe!  | Purchase Gift Certificates |

*Gift Certificates can not be used for our Cathe Live and OnDemand monthly recurring memberships. They may only be used for Cathe Live and OnDemand six month and one-year term memberships as listed above.


2. These Gift Certificates Are Only for DVDs and Fitness products from Shop.Cathe.com

Gift Certificates for our ShopCathe site are available in any amount, but may only be used for DVDs and products sold on our www.shopcathe site. Gift Certificates can’t be used for Road Trips, Cathe Live, Cathe OnDemand or digital downloads,

To Purchase a Gift Certificate Please go to:  | Purchase Gift Certificates |


3. These Gift Certificates Are Only For Digital Downloads from www.cathedownloads.com

Holidays…We now have Gift Coupons you can purchase and give to a friend or loved one good towards any download on www.cathedownloads.com. We will automatically send you a coupon code that you can then send to your gift recipient.

Just click on the appropriate link below to purchase a Cathedownloads Gift Coupon for a friend or loved one:

$25 Gift Coupon

$50 Gift Coupon

$100 Gift Coupon

$250 Gift Coupon

$599 Gift Coupon

NOTE: Gift Coupons cannot retain any unspent value for future use due to the software limitations; e.g., if someone redeems a $25 Gift Coupon on a $20 order total, the remaining $5 would be forfeited, so make sure to purchase at least the amount of your Gift Coupon).

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