Cathe Community . . . in Africa! by Laura

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2011)

When my husband’s job took us to Uganda, I wondered how I would stay fit. I had been a lifetime athlete and exerciser (track, basketball, and swimming), but there were no fitness clubs in rural Africa. Even running proved treacherous on the rocky, muddy roads. Rather than sprain an ankle, I looked for other options. I tried video exercise, but most of the workouts soon became boring and repetitious. I was growing frustrated with my options . . . until I found Cathe!

Although I considered myself to be “in shape,” Cathe redefined the term for me. I soon learned that a 25-pound barbell is not heavy weight and that a good hi-lo workout can raise your heart rate as much as a run. Power Hour and Cardio Kicks were my first Cathe workouts, and I was hooked from the start. Gradually I purchased more of her DVDs until I owned her entire collection.

Even with no one in my physical community to work out with me, I had a daily workout buddy in Cathe. Her smile and enthusiasm urged me on while her commitment to excellence stretched my limits. My skinny arms gained definition for the first time in my life, and I proudly sported tanks and sleeveless tops in the tropical African sun. And Cathe helped me lose my pregnancy weight after the birth of each of my three precious children.

At times I still felt somewhat alone in my fitness efforts-without someone to really talk to-and so I would lurk on the forums. But since I didn’t know any of the girls there and couldn’t see them, somehow it wasn’t very real.

And so my husband stepped in. Without my knowing it, he signed me up for the 2007 Road Trip-yes, the one that sold out in 3 minutes. Full of both excitement and anxiety, I headed to Glasboro.

In New Jersey, I met not only Cathe and her wonderful crew but a whole team of incredible Cathletes as well. That trip genuinely changed my life. While Cathe had been my fitness lifeline for years, meeting her in person gave depth to my picture of her. I realized that the warmth that shone through in her videos was only a glimpse of her personality and charisma. And after spending a weekend with other fans of hers, the forums came to life for me. Suddenly I had an entire support network. I was not alone!

Since 2007, each time I plug in a Cathe DVD, I see not just a role model but also a friend. And the Cathletes I’ve kept in touch with from the Road Trip provide encouragement and inspiration to me on my fitness journey. Thanks to Cathe and the Cathletes, I am part of a fitness community-all the way in Africa.

7 thoughts on “Cathe Community . . . in Africa! by Laura

  1. What a wonderful story, Laura!! Yes, the Cathlete community is a HUGE support system! And major kudos to you for keeping true to your fitness lifestyle from many miles away!

    You go girl!!

  2. I love your story, Laura. I will be going on my first RT this year (Disney) and I can not wait.

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