Thank You!

  ((((((( A Big Warm & Fuzzy Group Hug To All Of Our 2014 Chicago Cathe Road Trippers ))))) Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for making this one of the most fantastic Road Trips ever!!!! By now most of you are back home and settled into…

Steve’s Glassboro 2013 Road Trip Pictures

And here are some more pictures from the 2013 Glassboro Road Trip that Steve took. You can download any road trip picture you like from our Flickr account at no charge to you : Friday Photos: Saturday Photos: Sunday Photos:

Cyndi’s Pictures From the 2013 Road Trip

We just posted over 1700 pictures from the road trip that Cyndi took on our Flickr account. We still have the pictures that Steve took to post, but I think these pictures will keep everyone busy for a long time - LOL. Cyndi Friday - Cyndi Saturday - Cyndi Sunday…

Our Road Trip Formula

Our formula for our Road Trips is simple: burn calories...repeat! But seriously, we do try to offer a lot of food choices on our road trips so that just about everyone can have something they enjoy and can eat. When you do 8 classes in less than two days…

Marlo, Jai and Cedie

Marlo, Jai and Cedie stopped by on Sunday to meet everyone. This year we moved the breakfast from the Seven Star Diner back to our facility. This allowed more time for pictures with Cathe and our other cast members. Hope everyone liked this change?