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Cathe TV – Show #5


Summary of Show #5 – In this week’s show Cathe Recaps STS week #4, discs 10, 11 and 12. Next week is an active recovery week as you will start to prepare to increase the intensity in your STS program as you move on to Mesocycle #2. Time to put your game face on and […]

Cathe TV is Also Now on iTunes


Our Weekly Cathe TV – STS show that you have been viewing in segments can also now be downloaded from iTunes as one complete show. Our weekly web show will continue to also be published on YouTube, but we will continue to have to break the show into 10 minute segments because of YouTube time […]

Cathe TV – Week #2


Cathe TV – Week#2 This week’s shows deal with a recap of week #1 and looks forward to what you can expect in Week #2 of the STS program. This weeks programs also contain helpful hints and form pointers to help you with several exercises in STS Mesocycle #1. Because of YouTube time limits the […]

Cathe TV – Week #1


Cathe TV is not an actual TV or cable show; it is our own web “show” that we have launched on our new Workout Manager page. Use this forum to comment about any of our shows or to make suggestions for future shows. Cathe will answer at least one question every week from a forum […]