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STS Discs #3, #6, #9, #12 Bonus Legs


To View YouTube clip go to: Hi Everyone! Here is a clip that features a sampling of all four of our Bonus Leg segments. Remember that Mesocycle One (the muscle endurance phase) finishes each of the four leg workouts with Bonus Leg Conditioning Exercises. These workouts are optional but specifically cater to those who […]

STS Disc #17 Meso #2 Week #2


To View YouTube clip go to: Hi Everyone! What you’re about to watch is a Leg Workout from Mesocycle #2 Week Two. This particular program focuses on Trisets, a high intensity technique which recruits maximum muscle fibers. Are you ready…here we go!!!! After you warm up and stretch you are going to do three […]

STS Disc #2 Mesocycle #1 Week #1 on YouTube


STS Disc #2 Mesocycle #1 Week #1 (Back and Triceps) is the first Back and Triceps workout in the STS series and lays the ground work for the other weeks in this mesocycle. We have just added two video clips from this workout to YouTube. This is a muscle endurance workout (60% 1RM) […]

First STS Clips now on YouTube


We have now posted our first STS clips on YouTube. We plan over the next several weeks to continue to release clips from the rest of the STS DVDs and will eventually have clips from nearly every workout in the STS series playing on YouTube.Here are the two links to the STS Workouts: […]