Bye-Bye Baby Weight! – by mandy miller

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2009)

I am 36 years old and haven´t properly worked out since P.E at school (i.e 20 years ago!) I have never been slim and take after my mother who is overweight.

The older I got the more kilos I would gain and I´d just buy a size bigger and say ´hey, this is how I am´ My weight went up to 78 kilos, I started to become unhappy about it , it was especially depressing because I love clothes & fashion and many of my clothes were becoming snug. I´d go out and buy more but knew I had tons of clothes……just many that didn´t fit!

I became pregnant with my first daughter last year and my weight went up to 92 kilos. I had a C-section and as soon as my Dr gave me the green light I started exercising.
I hate the gym, I find it so intimidating. A friend of mine told me about working out at home and gave me a DVD that was really light, using very light weights (I was using 1.5 and 2 kilos) I was hooked! I worked out 4/5 times a week. This started in March this year. I have bought so many DVDs and was aware that Cathe Friedrich existed but they seemed way out of my league!

Then many of my DVDs stopped challenging me and I plateaued, I knew I had to take it up a notch so I ordered Cathe´s Hardcore Gym Style DVDs (Legs, Chest/triceps and Back, shoulders, biceps) wow! I was hooked from the second I started, ooo those Bonus Burns!!!! I then ordered Slow & Heavy, words cannot describe how much these DVDs have changed my body! Then came Butts and Gutts, anyone who has tried this DVD needs no introduction! For the first time I have definition in my abs . I thought I was stuck with flabby inner thighs, not after those walking lunges and fire walkers! wow!


I took the plunge and ordered some of Cathe´s Step DVDs after watching clips again and again. I ordered Drill Max, Body Max 2, 4 Day Split, all I can say is with these DVDs, who needs the gym!!! I cannot complete any of these DVDs (yet) , I break them down and do about 30/40 minutes. I feel like I´m going to die, but when Cathe says things like ´I don´t care what you look like, just gimme some!´ (4 day split Kickbox!) It makes me carry on. Also it is so nice with Jai, Cedie, Lorraine and Brenda, it feels like I am in a class with them! I look forward to seeing them everyday!

Now, 9 months after I started working out, I weight 69 kilos! A whole 9 kilos less than before I fell pregnant!
I have a fitter, tighter body than I did 20 years ago! I started using 1.5/2 kilos, now I use dumbbells of 6/7 kilos. I surprise myself (and my husband) with how far I have come-
The other day I gave away a big bag of clothes, clothes that no longer fit because they are too big! It was hard but also felt good, besides, I know that with Cathe´s DVDs, I´ll NEVER fit into them again!

2 weeks ago I received my STS DVDs, I plan to start 2010 with a 3 month STS cycle, I have no doubt that this fantastic series will help me even further with my fitness goals!

Thanks Cathe!

12 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Baby Weight! – by mandy miller

  1. Oh wow…congratulations, big time. You’ve worked hard and it shows. I bet you’re going to just soar with STS! !

    I’m inspired…:)

  2. Very encouraging! You accomplished so much in such a short time. For most people, this would take possibly a year! I need to take my fitness to the next level and use the 3 Cathe DVD’s that I have! I live with relatives so I don’t have a workout room nor is the living room avaialbe, so I’ll have to cramp my step in my small bedroom. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing your story!!

  3. Wow you look fabulous!! Keep up the fantastic work!!! I’ll be starting that 3 month STS cycle with you in 2010, too (keeping my fingers crossed my husband gets the DVDs for me for x-mas) – your story and results will definitely keep me motivated!! 🙂

  4. Amazing before and after pictures. Keep it up. Cathe is great and working out at home is the easiest way to stay the course. You are an inspiration.Thanks for sharing.

  5. love this story! I too lost some baby weight with the wonderful help of Cathe and eating right- 40 lbs. I now weigh 15 lbs lighter than I did when I got pregnant! I’m the same weight and size I was when I graduated high school! Cathe is amazing and I love her and her workouts!- way to go on your results!!!

  6. WOW! I love the shot. it shows a great transformation without anyone really knowing who it is in the bikini, unless you tell them!

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