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I just finished cathe’s STS and what a difference it made in my strength building. My sister convinced me to get the STS and I was a bit hesitant since I tried so many other programs before. I even worked out with two different trainers in the past. One was an ex NFL player and the other was an ex amateur boxer. They both had good programs but I didn’t see the gains like I did with STS.

I decided to take my sister’s advice to get it and we also decided to do the program together. She lives in Delaware and I live in Georgia and it was fun to “workout together” being in separate states. We are very close and now we are even closer since we started the program. We started in February after I saw my son off who is now deployed in Afghanistan. I thought it would help me stay busy while he was over there. I was into the first cycle when I noticed my pants were getting baggy on me. By the 2nd cycle I had to buy new clothes. By the 3rd cycle, I lost 8 pounds and went down a pant size. My strength increased and my other workouts seemed easier as well. Now only do I look and feel better, I lost weight also.

The STS is easy to follow and the one rep max made it even easier since I had all my weights already on my cards. If I needed to adjust my weight, I just logged on that day and printed out a new card. Then I had my weights adjusted for the next week. I feel better at 53 than I did at 33. My sister and I will start STS again this fall. Thanks cathe and now I look forward to your new DVDs of High

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