Boot Camp Class with Cathe

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2011)


A picture of  the 2011 Glassboro Road Trip Saturday Boot Camp class with Cathe . We divided into two groups  that took this class at different times on Saturday. Calories didn’t have a chance!

5 thoughts on “Boot Camp Class with Cathe

  1. See how big my smile is? I’m having a ball! Racing Carolyn–as you can see by the sweat on my shirt and her amazingly fit bod–is the sort of challenge that makes a gal stronger. Thank you Cathe for creating the right feel to your road trips that makes it okay to push and challenge each other to be better than we thought we were. And thank you Carolyn for raising the bar on me. I love you both! I cant’ wait to see you in Cycle Max!

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