Are We There Yet?

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

Today we thought we would give you another update on where we are with this project and when we think we will begin shipping you your DVDs. We are now done with the editing of the DVDs except for an hour or two that we will need on Monday to clean up a few problems and mistakes we found in reviewing our proof VHS copies.

We’ve already done most of our prep work for the final phase of this project which is my favorite – DVD authoring! This includes creating all the menus and over 100 premix transition information cards. We’ve also mapped out our “in” and “out” points that we will need to create the chapters and premixes. All that we have to do now is assemble the pieces and this will not take very long.

As a side note, one thing we’re doing differently this time around is Cathe and our entire design team will be in the same room with Troy and me as we author the DVDs. Cathe’s main job during the authoring will be to make sure that we choose the correct “in- point” between each premix segment so you have enough time to set up for the next exercise with each premix.

We should finish the authoring process by September 29th and maybe a lot sooner. Regardless we should be ready to send masters to SONY which is our duplicator by the end of this month. Normal turn around time for SONY is 2 to 3 weeks. So our best guess as of now for us to begin shipping is sometime between October 10th – 21st. Please keep in mind that this is only a guess based on our past experience and what we think at this point in time. The actual ship date will depend on how long SONY takes to duplicate the DVDs.

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