Cathe’s April 2012 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)

This month is Sloppy Joe month. We are going to eat until we drop. APRIL FOOLS!!! Ok, you saw that coming but now sink your teeth into this……This month’s rotationApril 2012 Rotationcontinues to cross train with variety in types of workouts, lengths of workouts, intensities of workouts and frequency of workouts. Expect to lose body fat and inches and gain endurance and strength. Drink extra water, eat a high quality nutrient dense diet and get your sleep.


MON…MMA Boxing

TUE….Kick Max

WED…..Athletic Step

THURS….Hiit 40/20 Plus Body Max 2…. ONLY Upper Body Weights segment


SAT…..Muscle Max

SUN…..If sore today then do yoga relax. If not, do Cycle Max or a 45 minute interval treadmill run


MON…STS Total Body Upper

TUE….Imax 3

WED…..STS Total body Lower Plus 20 minute steady state run

THURS….Hiit 30/30


SAT…..STS Plyo Legs Disc of choice Plus “weights and plates” segment of Ab Circuits

SUN….. If sore today then do yoga relax. If not, do Cycle Max or a 45 minute interval treadmill run


MON…Body Max original

TUE…. Cardio Core Circuit

WED….. Gym Style Back, shoulders, Biceps PLUS 20 minute steady state run

THURS….Gym Style Legs

FRI…..Hiit Double Wave Pyramid Plus Ab Circuits “no equipment needed” segment

SAT…..Gym Style Chest and Triceps PLUS MMA Kickboxing



MON… Cardio and weights

TUE…. Low Impact Challenge

WED…..Hi Reps Plus 20 minute Interval treadmill run

THURS….Imax 2

FRI…..Low Impact Series: Total Body Trisets Upper Body

SAT….. Low Impact Series: Total Body Trisets – Lower Body


6 thoughts on “Cathe’s April 2012 Rotation

  1. Em, hi Cathe and Cathlets,
    I have been lifting weights for some time now. I do Hardcore series, adore Gym Style Legs and increase weights from time to time. Now have over 60lbs for deadlifts and over 45lbs for squats. (Female, 29, 130lbs, 5.9 1/4)
    And I guess I really need an opinion. I tend to hear from all around that lifting any weight below something around your own is NOTHING, even if you are a girl. But what I do now seems quite a challenge, and I struggle not to rush with increasing my weigths to avoid injury. And, bear in mind, that I’m not an intending bodybuilder, want to be lean, mean & sculpted, that is all…
    So, do I have to boldely increase weights, or my current tacticst of adding a couple of pounds to my bar every couple of weeks is ok? Or, maybe even that is too much?

  2. i have been doing last mays just for some idea. not that i cant but hers are better…. still waiting no word..

  3. I read she’s not doing one bc of her hectic schedule with the new videos coming out : ( i’ve been doing her rotation from last feb just to switch it up a bit. i love her rotations! i miss it this month!

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