Pre-Order Cathe’s New ICE Series Now and Save – Sale Ends Nov 30th

Pre-Order Cathe’s New ICE Series Now and Save – Sale Ends Nov 30th

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2015)


Cathe's ICE Workout DVDs Pre_Sale Ends Nov 30th

Pre-Order Cathe’s First Workout Videos Designed for Intermediate Exercisers

Estimated to ship end of Fall 2015

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Sale Ends Nov 30th

Guess What Everyone? I have some super exciting news to share with you!  Many of you have been asking whether or not there is a new series in the works and I’m going to make it official right now. YES THERE IS! Get ready for my newest series, the ICE series!

What is the ICE series? ICE, which stands for Intermediate Conditioning Extreme, is my new comprehensive intermediate series that will provide everything you’ve asked for and more. In fact by the time you finish reading about this series you will have no doubt that ICE is the new fiyah!

So many of our Cathletes have requested an intermediate series, and ICE is 100% that plus so much more! How so? Well for starters we will have a modifier in our cast clearly visible throughout each workout. We will also offer so many “cool” options/extras in the ICE series that are not only desirable to the intermediate exerciser, but to all levels of fitness. Get ready for chilling new solid intermediate cardio workouts that offer additional “Blizzard Blast” intensity options for those intermediate exercisers who want to push their workouts to the next level. These same workout options are perfect for those advanced exercisers who are looking to engage in challenging workouts that don’t quite push them as hard as their typical advanced workouts do.

You’ll also have a “Muscle Meltdown” option which allows you to do solid weight workout for each individual body part. Oh, and don’t let me forget to tell you about the two “Icy Core” ab add-ons to strengthen & tighten the core from multiple planes.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg! Tee hee! Now on to the more chilling details about each workout!

About My 7 New DVDs

Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox – This workout packs a punch! Cardio-based punching and kicking drills along with fun new kickbox blasts are sure to keep you sweating throughout this super charged workout! This DVD includes Muscle Meltdown Triceps as well as a Blizzard Blast option and an Icy Core add-on.

Boot Camp Circuit – as I’ve always said, “You can do anything for a minute?”  This bootcamp circuit workout proves it once again.  Arranged in 60 second intervals, each interval will have a mix of cardio, upper body, lower body and core to ensure that nothing is left untouched!  This DVD includes Muscle Meltdown Biceps as well as the Blizzard Blast option and an Icy Core add-on.

Low Impact Sweat – Who says we can’t carry “low” to new heights? This DVD will be split into two short but intense total low impact workouts that will keep your metabolism revved and keep that fat melting! This DVD will remain low impact throughout and will utilize HiiT Training movements to ensure great results in short amount of time! This DVD includes Muscle Meltdown Back as well as a Blizzard Blast option and an Icy Core add-on.

Metabolic Total Body – No time for single body parts this week? This metabolic training workout will touch all muscle groups while also getting cardio benefits through elevated heart rate and compound movement. This DVD includes Muscle Meltdown Chest as well as a Blizzard Blast option and an Icy Core add-on.

To The Mat: Legs & Glutes – Get down and get ready for an all floor-based workout that is sure to carve out the legs and glutes like no other! All of the exercises in this DVD will utilize parallel mat conditioning to totally fatigue the lower body without the strain that traditional standing leg work can put on the back and knees. But don’t be fooled! This workout is no nonsense. This DVD includes Muscle Meltdown Shoulders as well as an Icy Core add-on!

Chiseled Upper Body – It’s time to carve out the upper body you’ve always dreamed of! This upper body strength DVD will include a mix of traditional and unique exercises for those of you who are looking to work the entire upper body in one workout! This DVD will include an Icy Core add-on.

Chiseled Lower Body-Blast – This lower body and cardio workout will utilize strength exercises and blasts to chisel the entire lower body! This DVD includes Muscle Meltdown Shoulders (the same shoulder workout as “To the Mat” does for your convenience) as well as a Blizzard Blast option and an Icy Core add-on!

Online User’s Guide – An online user’s guide with several rotations and complete workout instructions can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed on your computer. Rotations will also include our QuickSelect™ for OnDemand users which will automatically and instantly launch your OnDemand videos.

The ICE Series Also Includes These Bonus Workouts

  • 5 “Muscle Meltdown” Workouts (so you can train individual muscle groups just like in CTX)
  • 2 Bonus Core Workouts
  • 5 Bonus Blizzard Blasts (more advanced exercisers can ramp up the intensity with these add-ons)
  • Each DVD will include numerous premixes featuring these Bonus Workouts (Downloads do not include premixes, but do include all Bonus Workout footage.)

Pre-Order Today and Save!

ICE is a 7 DVD discount bundle (all DVDs in one case) that can be pre-ordered now for only $87.97 That’s only $12.14 per DVD! Plus you get Double Free Worldwide Shipping (details explained below)! You can also order ICE as “Digital Downloads” or you can get a special discount for ordering both DVDs and Downloads.

Four Ways to Order:

1. ICE Discount Bundle DVDs Only – $87.97
2. Digital Downloads Discount Bundle Only – $77.97
3. DVDs + Digital Downloads Discount Bundle- $107.97
4. Individual ICE DVDs Only – $17.97 each

Get Double Free Shipping

Get Double Free Shipping, which means if you order any of our other in-stock DVDs when you pre-order the ICE Discount bundle or your order totals over $50, we will ship your current in-stock items worldwide for FREE now. When your pre-order DVDs are available in the Fall, they too will ship for FREE Worldwide!

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Just an Additional $20 Gets You Both DVDs and Downloads

For just an additional $20, you can get both my 7 new DVDs and Downloads

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38 thoughts on “Pre-Order Cathe’s New ICE Series Now and Save – Sale Ends Nov 30th

  1. Woo hoo! Looks good to me! I like the various options! And I can’t wait to see the floor-based legs and glutes workout! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  2. So glad to see an intermediate series! Love Cathe but she’s hard to keep up with! Had surgery and I have only one video from Cathe I can use right now. It’s one of her first step videos body fusion. Can’t wait to have more options from Cathe to work with. Even advanced exercises sometimes need to do something easier for a while. Thank you!

  3. The target time for the main workouts is around 40 to 45 minutes each, but exact times won’t be known until filming and editing is complete. Low Impact Sweat has two workouts and they will be around 30 mins each.

  4. If you order now will your credit card be charged now or when the DVDs are shipped?

    Cathe you said that the workouts will be 40-45 min each and I was wondering if that is with the Muscle Meltdowns included and if not how long will the Muscle Meltdowns be? Are the Muscle Meltdowns doing to be heavy weights with low reps or lighters weights with high reps?

  5. Will hip thrusts or glute bridges finally be included in the glute workouts? If the lower body workouts are only going to be based on boring old squats and lunges then I’ll pass.

    I love Cathe and always combine her workouts with my own routines every week, but there just needs to be more variety in the lower body workouts.

  6. will there be a video preview for this series coming soon? And I toowould
    like to know when the pre-order price goes up.

  7. Hi Beatrice,

    We don’t release information about workout details until after the videos have been filmed. We’ve done tons of workouts with glute bridges, so that would not be anything new. We’ve also done Hip Thrusters in one of our workout bonus sections too. Though we like Hip Thusters they’re not very practical for most home exercises as you really need Olympic Plates and plenty of them to really do this exercise.

  8. Hi Bo,

    The target time for most of the videos is around 40-45 mins. This time is for the main workout and does not include the bonus workouts like Muscle Meltdown.

  9. Thanks for responding, however, I highly disagree about only needing olympic plates in order to do hip thrusts. Even when I started with high rep bodyweight hip thrusts, I was able to achieve far better results on my glutes than from years of squatting. I’ve also done different variations with strength bands and can lift heavy with a regular barbell and regular plates (same as I use for all of Cathe’s workouts) on my hips.

    I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything- in fact, I’ve always been a huge Cathe fan and always will be- I just feel like most fitness experts do not train the glutes properly. I also want to spread the word about these amazing exercises. Hopefully, glute bridges with a heavy plate on the hips will be included at least.

  10. It says there’s going to be a low impact workout, but will there be a modifier on all of the workouts that does a low impact option? I don’t want to buy this set unless there’s a low impact option for every workout.

  11. I am always excited that Cathe and her crew continue to make excellent workout dvds. They are always high quality and I think they are the best out there. People wonder how I stay in shape without going to a gym and I always tell them about Cathe. I also remind people that they can be adapted for any level, any strength and even any weakness you may have–you are in the driver’s seat of your own workout and Cathe and the cast just guide you. Can’t wait!

  12. We already have a bunch of workouts under 30 mins as well as tons of timesaver premixes that are also under 30 mins. Our new Ripped With HiiT series has several 30 min and under workouts too.

  13. Hi Cathe. I love your DVDs. I am hoping you would consider making some more hi step training videos (intermediate/low impact). Also, I would love to see a new series of DVDs for step aerobics without premixes. Just a straight run series of intermediate step aerobics with no breaks, with maybe some current pop and/or hip hop music.

  14. I am wondering when this series will be available to order (not pre-order). I want to use my Cathe coupon. Thanks! I can’t wait for these!

  15. ICE DVDs are designed for Intermediate exercisers. The modifier will be doing a less advanced version and usually a low impact version of the exercise – not the other way around. We will have bonus add ons called “Blizzard Blast” for those seeking a more intense workout.

  16. Will you be incorporating band exercises into the weight training workouts? My favorite Cathe workouts are Muscle Max, High Reps, 4 Day Split, and Gym Style. The reason I these workouts so much is because I love the way they combine weight with bands to work the muscles.

  17. Hi there! Was just curious that if I subscribed to On Demand would the ICE workouts move over to it when they are released? Thank you so much!

  18. Will there be a step workout with the new series? I have all your step routine tapes and cd’s. Enjoy them all!

  19. Just wondering if you have any exact date for the release of the ICE series?

    Can’t wait any longer 🙂

    Best wishes,

  20. No, we can’t give an exact ICE shipping date until the videos have been edited, authored,replicated, and on a truck to us. However, we do post weekly updates in our Forums and on our Facebook Fan page so you can see exactly where we’re with the project.

  21. Just wondering when to expect my workouts? Been excited since I preordered them a few months ago. Ready to get on it. Thanks.

  22. I hope the finished DVDs are closer to 30 minutes-I work from home and love to use my lunch time to workout.

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