Ripped with HiiT™ Pre-Order Now for Only $79.97

Ripped with HiiT™ Pre-Order Now for Only $79.97

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2014)


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Hi Everyone,

With all of the talk about Cathe Live and OnDemand this past month, I thought it was time to show my DVD’s a little love, lol. Yes, you heard right… DVDs!!! I’m super excited to announce that I am currently (and diligently) working on 7 NEW DVD’s which make up my new series called Ripped With HiiT…a 7 DVD discount bundle (all DVDs in one case) that can be pre-ordered starting June 1st for only $79.97 – That’s only $11.42 per DVD! Plus you get Double Free Worldwide Shipping (details explained below)! This series is truly the best of both worlds ….Heavy Weights and Hiit Training….the ultimate combo to get ripped and lean!

Ripped With HiiT™ combines three solid heavy weight workouts (on three separate DVDs), four solid cardio based HiiT workouts (on two DVDs), and two circuit Hiit workouts (on two DVDs). Why all the focus on Hiit training? Studies suggest that HiiT training is better at burning fat than other forms of cardiovascular training. Researchers believe this is because the body is unable to really predict what you’re going to do and, therefore, has a harder time going into what is known as steady state where it’s easy to conserve energy (calories). Another contributing factor is that HiiT revs up your metabolism, increasing the rate at which your body consumes oxygen for up to 24 hours after your workout (the afterburn effect you’ve heard me talk about so many times before).

The Ripped With HiiT™ series has been designed by me to produce the maximum amount of results in as short of a time as I feel possible. While my goal for this series is to keep the workouts as time efficient as possible (most coming in at 47 minutes or less), the length of a workout is not nearly as important as the intensity of the workout. When it comes to producing changes and results in your body “intensity” is what these workouts are all about. All workouts will feature premixes and you will have the option of even doing time saving single muscle group premixes with each of the upper body “Lift it Hit it” workouts.

Ok, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. Let me back up a bit and share the “sweaty” details of each workout in my new Ripped With HiiT™ series with you.


About My 7 New DVDs

(9 workouts + 2 Bonus Core workouts)

Lift it Hit it – Chest, Tri’s, Front Delts

Lift it Hit it – Back, Biceps, Rear Delts

Lift it HiiT it – Lower Body (featuring contrast training)

The top two upper body workouts are solid, traditional heavy weight training with the best of the best moves to get the job done. The lower body workout will include “contrast training” which we have used before in our STS Plyo Legs workouts. This is when a heavy weight leg exercise is followed by an explosive plyometric based exercise to stimulate more lean muscle growth.

Please notice on ONLY my two upper body heavy weight training workouts, the word Hit is written “Hit” and not “HiiT”. That’s because for these two heavy upper body weight workouts, “Hit” demonstrates intensity breakthrough concepts that are proven to stimulate new lean muscle mass development verses HiiT (high intensity interval training). However outside of these two upper body workouts you’ll notice that everything else is explosive HiiT training.

 Low Impact HiiT ( two workouts under 30 mins each + bonus core)…Low Impact Hiit is two high intensity ALL LOW IMPACT solid cardio workouts (each include a warm up and cool down) designed to crush calories and burn body fat! One of these workouts “might” involve the step. This DVD will feature a new and unique bonus core workout.

Plyo HiiT ( two workouts under 30 mins each + bonus core)…Plyo Hiit is two high intensity HIGH IMPACT solid cardio workouts (each include a warm up and cool down) designed to crush calories and burn body fat! One of these workouts will “definitely” involve the step. This DVD will feature a new and unique bonus core workout.

 HiiT Circuit – Upper Body…is a solid, fast paced, “high sweat”, no nonsense workout that gets the job done (with no mercy). Expect short solid cardio HiiT segments alternated with heart pumping upper body strength training. In other words, think of Cardio Leg Blast but insert upper body weight work instead of lower body weight work.

HiiT Circuit – Lower Body…. is a solid, fast paced, “high sweat”, no nonsense workout that gets the job done (with no mercy). Expect something along the lines of a sequel to Cardio Leg Blast where short solid cardio HiiT segments are alternated with heart pumping lower body strength training.

*An online user guide with several rotations and complete workout instructions can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed on your computer. Rotations will also include our QuickSelect™ for OnDemand users which will automatically and instantly launch your OnDemand videos.

I hope you’re all as excited about this series as I am. It’s time to get in the game and get “Ripped with HiiT!!™”

Double Free Shipping

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Just an Additional $20 Gets You Both DVDs and Downloads

For just an additional $20, you can get both my 7 new  DVDs and  Downloads


You can Now Pre-Order Ripped With HiiT™  | Pre-Order Now |


38 thoughts on “Ripped with HiiT™ Pre-Order Now for Only $79.97

  1. LOVE it! Fall 2014 is just in time for me to bring my workouts back inside. I enjoy pre-ordering & the excitement of new workouts from Cathe because she never disappoints!

  2. I can’t stand having to wait, but guess I have to. Very very excited, sounds right up my alley of my favorite type of exercise (if there is such a thing, LOL)!! Thank you!!

  3. Oh my gosh I am so excited!!! This is the best surprise! Now I can’t wait for Fall!!!!

  4. Yes! I was getting nervous that you would stop doing DVDs in favor of the live/streaming workouts. These workouts sound incredible. I cannot wait!

  5. So we get these workouts automatically with our On Demand streaming when they’re ready, right?

  6. Oh, I am psyched!!!! I love getting new workouts before the holidays to keep me on the straight and narrow…thank you, thank you, thank you Cathe!!!

  7. I’m really loving the Hiit wkouts! And I LOVE cardio leg blast, so this is AWESOME news! Thanks Cathe!!

    I was wondering where those pics were from, Cathe and crew in non-matching wkout clothes!

  8. VERY happy to read this news! Your creativity and cutting-edge knowledge are always amazing, Cathe, and I can’t wait to add these to my collection! MWAH!

  9. AWESOME Cathe!! Been waiting in bated breathe for this announcement! And this is EXACTLY what I was dreaming for ~ Cathe do you have ESP??? You couldn’t have designed it better!!! Heavy weights AND HIIT program with both high and low AND including step (oh pretty please DO include it in you low version) and with the additional circuits!!! PERFECTION!!! Now I can look forward to the fall. Lol! P.S love the title for the series too. You always come up with the best handles!

  10. “HiiT Circuit – Upper Body…is a solid, fast paced, “high sweat”, no nonsense workout that gets the job done (with no mercy).”

    Exciting!!!!! and funnny because all your workouts are “with no Mercy” That is why you are the best!!!! =)

  11. What fantastic news, am so happy to hear there’s going to be a sequel to Cardio Leg Blast and an upper body version too. Cathe has made my day again 🙂

  12. Very nice mix of workouts! I can see that a lot of thought and knowledge went into the selection of the types of workouts. As for the step, I am one who just can’t do anything beyond the very basic moves- no turning for me or going up and over- as I end up either injuring my knees or spinning in the wrong direction! Love the use of the step as used by Jari Love in her ‘ Get Ripped’ series. I could do that;). Just my two cents from a step-challenged uncoordinated person. Once again, love the new series and can’t wait to receive!!!

  13. Yaaaaay!! So excited. This sounds perfect…the very best combo you could have come up with. Thanks Cathe. Cannot wait!

  14. Sooooo Excited!!! But, pls Cathe, no step. I just can’t do all the twisting, turning and cha cha cha! You just don’t realize how many of your step dvds I have that are sitting around collecting dust. I can do straight forward and simple. I have the Les Mils step workout and love it! No fancy moves to think of.
    Just a suggestion….

  15. Yaaaah! BRING IT ON! Dave & I are so ready for some new weight workouts too!!! Thanks Cathe!! You’re the BEST of the best!!!!

  16. Nobody in my life ever spoils me–it takes Cathe and her crew to do that! I will wait patiently because we know all GREAT things come to those who wait and those who workout with Cathe.

  17. I’ll be on a bike trail at 2:00. Can I just go to cathedotcom to pre-order from my cell phone? Thanks!

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