About the Chapter and Mix & Match Menus

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

Knowing the difference between our Chapters menu and our Mix & Match menu can help you enjoy our DVD’s even more!.

Chapters Menu – Just select an exercise or cardio segment and the DVD will play from that point until the end of the program.

Mix & Match Menu- This menu is very similar to our Chapters menu, but instead of playing from the chapter point you select until the very end of the DVD…only the exercise you select will play and you will then be returned to the Mix & Match menu. Mix & Match is probably the least used menu in our DVD’s and in an effort to improve their use we made some changes this time around to most of the new DVD’s. Instead of listing just individual exercises in the Mix & Match menu, we listed the groups of exercises. For example; In Drill Max, instead of listing the individual breakdown segments of each Drill…we just list the entire Drill as the choice. You can still select the individual exercise in the Chapter menu if you prefer.

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