A Tip On Using Our New DVD’s

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2009)

b23cathe Three Ways to Listen…As you probably already know our new DVD’s will have three options you can choose for the audio:

#1 Normal Mix
#2 Vocals Only
#3 Music louder

Once the DVD has loaded just select “Play Program” on the Main menu. You will be taken to another menu that will allow you to select which audio mix you prefer. Though this is perhaps simplest way to select the audio setting, there is actually a better way. On your remote look for a button called “audio”. On most remotes this button acts as a toggle between the three audio options. Just press and it will take you from the “normal mix” audio to the “vocals only” audio. Press it again and you will hear the “music louder” audio option. This is a nice feature in that you can easily switch the audio back and forth while not disturbing what you’re watching. Please note, on a computer this button may be known as the “language” button.

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