A story of miracles by Sherry

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2010)

First off I have been an excerciser for twenty eight years. However, I was probably the most unhealthy person I knew. I suffered from an eating disorder for most of my life. I also struggled immensely with drug addiction. About six years ago my life came to what I thought was pretty much the end. I quit working out entirely and my eating disorder reared it’s ugly head to a degree I never imagined possible. I ended up in an eating disorder facility for six weeks. During my stay I suffered kidney failure and was confined to a wheelchair. I gained tweny pounds but not much else in the way of emotional health.
Soon after I was released I became dependent on pain killers and spent most of my days in bed. I thought  my life was soon to be over and sincerely wished it was. I literally did NOTHING for at least three years.With a huge amount of family support and some determination of my own I left a bad relationship and moved in with my son temporarily. After eight months of living with him I found my own condo. Shortly after I moved into my new home miracles began to happen.

I was watching fit tv one day and saw Cathe’s Stretch Max so I decided to give it a whirl. I had worked out to all ofother-img_06221Cathe dvd’s years before so I knew she was the best. After a couple of days I popped in KPC and was off to the races. I retrieved my weights and weight bench from my son and all my Cathe dvd’s from my ex. I made my second bedroom into my workout room and now I workout faithfully every day. Needless to say I couldn’t resist catching up on all the dvd’s I had missed out on so I replenished my Cathe library. I ordered STS and am starting my first rotation.

From doing absolutely nothing for six bleak years I am now living a full, enriched life. I cook, bake, garden, knit,I am taking a nutrition class,I workout daily, and last but not least, just got a full time job! I have not worked for ten years so the fact that this miracle happened is almost incomprehensible.

I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for rediscovering Cathe and her awesome workouts! My life has changed in ways I had not thought possible. I wake up every day grateful that I am happy, healthy and looking

9 thoughts on “A story of miracles by Sherry

  1. You are, indeed, in charge! What an inspiration you are in showing the perisitence and determination you have. All the best to you!

  2. What a wonderful, inspiring story. I’m going to print this baby out and hang it up so I can keep my motivation up.

  3. As a drug and alcohol counselor, I am constantly reminding people that it’s never too late…and not to give up on your own life!! You should be proud of what you’ve done, and keep it up!!!

  4. Wow, It’s amazing how Cathe turned your life around. It’s funny though, because that’s one thing that I look forward to 3-4 times a week is working out with Cathe. I think, as long as I have Cathe-life is good. I hope I keep moving in that same positive direction and I hope you do too. The benefits of working out with Cathe on a regular basis is self rewarding and I keep rewarding myself with new clothes, workout wear and gear. Keep up the good work Sherry!!! Truly and ispirational story!!!

  5. Sherry, I have to ask you, have you thought of sharing your story in high schools, churches or synagogues, community centers? This is so very inspirational, and if it feels right to you, I think you have an opportunity to help a lot of people by telling your story more widely. There are so many who are in very bad places in their lives, that your story could help to give them hope. God bless you!

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