A Huge Warm Thank You To Our Chicago Road Trippers

A Huge Warm Thank You To Our Chicago Road Trippers

By now most of you have returned home from our infectious road trip with lots more friends, pictures and memories. You’ve probably checked the Cathe forums and Facebook throughout the day, to relive those moments we all shared this weekend. The first day back home from a road trip is so hard isn’t it? Of course we’re happy to be back home with our families, but we just got a huge dose of new energy filled to the rim with fitness friends who all have a common connection, a connection many times those in our everyday lives “don’t get”. It felt so good to be surrounded by those who love to “do anything for a minute” and “work work” so hard. Where else can you hear ” heeeee he he he heeee” or a “whip crack noise” and instantly know what it means. Where else can you run into the middle of a room surrounded by Cathletes and do terminators, ice breakers, plié jacks and more. Who else at home loves DOMS or even knows what it is!!!! Where else can you get serenaded by fellow Cathletes with a song that so uniquely and creatively captures the essence of what you stand for?

Yes, this weekend in “Catheland” was certainly special to all of us. From group pictures, to silly pictures, to sweaty pictures….from fun expressive T-shirts, to coin belts, to a fashion show….from high energy, to happy tears, to goodbye tears…..to workout, after workout, after workout….nothing will ever replace the special bond we shared this weekend. Thank you so much for coming and for sharing so much of yourself with me. I loved hearing about your personal triumphs, your goals, your accomplishments and all about your families ( most especially the nicknames they have for me, wink). Thank you for opening your hearts to me and feeling comfortable enough to come out and share this weekend together with me.

Honorable mention and thanks goes out to Chicago Road Tripper Mindy for creating a fun spirited Cathlete song along with her sister Jodi, (also a Cathlete), who accompanied her with back up vocals. You two sure know how to make your whip cracker cry.

Special thanks go out to all of those at Cathedotcom who helped make the roadtrip a seamless success…Tom our event manager, John our videographer, Steve our photographer, Cyndi our Cathlete photographer, Linda and Sharon our event staff, Curt our graphic designer, and my business partner Chris. Thank you also to Veronica from Feelfitwear for sponsoring us with high quality fashionable fitness wear on our roadtrips and DVDs.

Thank you all of our Cathletes….I’m hoping to see you again someday on another Cathe Road Trip but until then, on the count of three….ONE, TWO, THREE….CATHLETES ROCK!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “A Huge Warm Thank You To Our Chicago Road Trippers

  1. WOW!!! such a beautiful picture!! everyone looks like they had a ball!!!..I would love to join Cathe on one of her roadtrips very very soon. I hope she plans a trip to the South real soon Atlanta!!!! I’m also a Cathlete and I have the body, sweat and t-shirt to prove it!!!!!!!!

  2. Uggh Ive been waiting so long for Cathe to come to Chicago but I was already 7 months pregnant 🙁 Hope you come back soon Cathe.

  3. What a fun song – looks like a great time was had by all! Life is short so “one of these days” is starting to annoy me. But seriously, I will be there one day to join in!

  4. This Road Trip was incredibly fun and energizing. I am so happy I went, and look forward to attending another soon. Please, keep doing them. Thank you so much for a great time.

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