A Decade with Cathe by Abigail

art_promotion_lejeune_053-11Recently I realized that I have been an avid Cathlete for nearly a decade. I remember my first Cathe videos as I transitioned up out of The Firm workouts. I had discovered fire, in a sense. I still feel that way. A new Cathe video gives me a charge like nothing else. I know that my few extra dollars spent on a quality instructor will pay off for another decade to come as I grow with the workout.

I grew up in rural Indiana without much access to a gym or other means of standard fitness equipment. Video fitness was a way for me to explore physical fitness and develop preferences. This budding interest has paid off in countless ways as I’ve matured into and out of career paths and motherhood. I feel like a sort of agent of Cathe. I try to turn everyone I can onto this gem of an instructor. “Beachbody fitness? Don’t waste your time and money!” I still remember my first introduction to the world of Cathe. I overheard a lady at a fitness retreat (who was in much better shape than myself, despite being at least 20 years my senior) mention that she had some Cathe workouts but that they were too hard. There my journey began.

Years later I found myself a military wife stuck in the bleak landscape of 29 Palms, California. I renewed my relationship with Cathe workouts and expanded my video library. I still remember my buff husband shouting in disbelief at the difficulty level of one particular workout after I got him to join me. Butts and Guts... this was the next workout that I had to BEG him to try out with me. He has yet to accept the challenge since. I tease him about it constantly. He calls home from work and if I answer breathlessly he says only, “Cathe.”

On a family vacation this past summer I found myself in the exact moment where I could impact the lives of other people in the most positive way. Discovering the plight of two distressed swimmers, I had the opportunity to perform an ocean rescue. Handing off my nine month old daughter, I had the stamina to make the swim through rough ocean water and see both victims safely returned to shore. For my efforts I was awarded the Carnegie Medal for Heroism. What an honor! Thank you, Cathe.

What gave me the ability to help these people was the sustained energy I’ve earned through grueling sessions with Cathe Frederich and her crew. I can say this with utmost confidence. My background as a lifeguard gave me some experience but the muscular and cardiovascular endurance Cathe instilled in me gave me the physical ability to do what I did. I may struggle the average Mom battle of eating my children’s caloric food and not being active ENOUGH but fortunately when I do workout, it’s quality. This is all thanks to Cathe who taught me what it feels like to work hard.

I’m currently enjoying “Intensity,” but don’t think I’m loyal to just one Cathe workout. The videos I purchased nearly ten years ago are still rotated and in constant use. Now that is value. I put a DVD in and my kids start jumping around with me. Whatever I pursue next in life I know that Cathe will be a part of it. In fact I’m eagerly awaiting “To the Max” and “Crossfire.”

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  1. Abigail – I really enjoyed reading your story. You sound like a wonderful, fun person!! It’s great that Cathe’s older videos stand the test of time, and that she keeps producing fantastic, butt-kicking workouts to add to our Cathe collection! Way to go Abigail & way to go Cathe!

  2. Great story. It is interesting but I was a loyal “The Firm” customer. Somehow I bought a Cathe DVD and at first found the workouts very hard. That changed overtime and now The Firn workouts feel so ineffective and not good. Only Cathe delivers the true feel of pushing yourself and truly getting a quality workout. I love her newsletters and the concept of clean eating and enough sleep. Cathe’s weekly newsletter is such quality information. I do not waste my time reading others. Can’t wait for the new DVDs!!!!

  3. Thank you SO much both of you for your kind words! Seriously it warms my heart.

    Oh man “The Firm”… I had this great thing going on with the oldschool Susan Harris tough tape 2 routine and then Traci Long, I STILL think she is great. I think Goodtimes Entertainment bought them out and it was actually at a retreat for Traci’s new (then) gym in the Charleston, SC area that I heard of Cathe.

    I really do believe once you go Cathe you never have a reason to do much else though. I have been messing a bit with Kettlebells (Lauren Brooks and Anthony something or other, yeesh he’s hard) but Cathe is my mainstay. I love her. She’s one of the only people I’d want to LISTEN to for ten years! God bless her.

    My Firm workouts have all hit the trash in the past years but I have every Cathe purchase I’ve ever made. If the house goes up in flames it’s my family then my Cathe binder!

  4. Abigail, yours is an inspiring story. It proves that you do not have to have a personal trainer or a gym membership to get into good shape.

    I too, worked out with The Firm but Cathe workouts are my favorite. We just got a bosu trainer and I am looking forward to something new but Cathe will always be the mainstay of my workouts.

  5. Totally get what you wrote. I have been a Cathlete for more than a decade and when people ask me how I stay in such good shape and I say, I workout at home with Cathe, they find that hard to believe. Going to the gym would just cut into my exercise time with the driving to and fro. Working out with Cathe at home, makes the most sense. It is like having a personal trainer right there with you!

  6. Amen, Suzanne and Karen! I’m laughing thinking about my short bout with Gold’s Gym- they had a promotional thing with my first employer. I started off well enough trying to replicate my best video workouts in the place. So we all know that’s impossible with everyone in there jockeying for the equipment. Soon enough I was a regular type lounging benches like a beached whale between sets. No thank you! I couldn’t do that now even if I wanted to! I have two kids one year apart, both under the age of three. I need short, effective workouts. I’ll shamefully admit that I kind of welcome one of the kids percieved ’emergencies’ during my Cathe workout since I’m getting slaughtered. Cathe keeps you accountable!

    I’ve enjoyed this a little too much. I can’t believe they put my story up. I’m fantasizing about investing in STS finally. You know it’s worth it…

    Thanks for all of the encouraging comments. I feel so full of energy now! Being my age is great… somewhere along the way I lost the focus on the better body and gained a new satisfaction in being effective and capable. What a gift. Maybe I can infect my daughter with it.

  7. Right now I am rotating Cross Train Express – it may be 12 years old, but the series is my all time favorite series of Cathe’s! For me, it is the perfect workout series!

  8. Abigail, your story almost brought me to tears. I believe you when you say Cathe’s workouts allowed you the endurance and strength to rescue those people. You are probably a prime example of why Cathe does what she does and for so long. She seems to be such a genuine person.

    May I put in my two cents here and say, get the STS!! I love it! I started it on April 1st and just finished mesocycle 2. I’ve had to add to my home gym little by little for STS and I’m just so proud of it! 🙂 If I could just find that tower she uses in the STS program, I’d be set. I love lifting weights. I used to take the weight-lifting classes at the gym when the gym was consistent with their classes. Classes began dropping off their schedule. I just can’t seem to find a gym with enough challenging classes on their schedule. They may have a couple but that’s it. So I gave up a few months ago and I workout full-time at home. And let me just say this, I received a compliment last weekend from a lady about my arms. Woohoo! Get STS!

    I’ve only been a Cathlete for about 3 years now but I’m hooked.

  9. You all wrote very interesting stories. I also was a “Firm Believer,” but then started Googling exercise and found Body Rock. From there I discovered HIIT and the like, which then made me discover Cathe again. I, too, always thought Cathe was tough way back when, and I, too, find the Firm not challenging at all. I need the structured workout to follow along, and Cathe’s workouts are by far the ultimate. She stays current with all of the new working out routines, and so we never are missing anything. Cathe is my mainstay for the rest of my life.

  10. I can’t get enough of you ladies! I wish I had some friends like you near home here. Collette I’m sold… I’m going for STS. I too love weight lifting. It’s all I want to do (with regard to exercise). Some of my first Cathe videos were the gym style ones. Amy I just read reviews for Crosstrain Xpress on amazon and you know I have to have that now, too. Thanks a lot- another thing to buy! Whatever I love it.

    I was thinking (while raking the yard) about things I’ve had for ten years. I’m not coming up with much. Aren’t you not even supposed to have a MATTRESS past ten years? Shoot I’ve only been married five years. I never meant to commit that hard to Cathe. She’s just that good!

    Robbin’s point is so true- Cathe evolves in a way that is addictive. But what remains constant is her amazing instruction that manages to be just the right blend of demanding, encouraging, and NOT patronizing or obnoxious, ever.

    Collette would you believe the two guys that were in the ocean that day are brothers? It was such an amazing experience. I can’t imagine being in that situation with my sister. God obviously had a plan for those two and used me to help out. Thanks to Cathe I was up to the task.

    Tomorrow I’m going to try Lower Body Blast (I think it’s called). I just ordered it since I loved High Reps and Low Impact Total Body Tri-Sets so much. Wish me luck!

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