Extended Stretch & Meso 3 on Youtube

Hi Everyone! Here are two more You Tube clips for you to enjoy: The Extended Bonus Stretch and Mesocycle 3 Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders. Before you view them, I’d like to add that we will be posting more clips within the next few days which will feature Mesocycle 3’s Chest and Back workout as well as Mesocycle 3’s Squat Routine/Weighted Vest Leg workout. We will also be showing you another Plyo-Leg clip from Mesocycle 3.
The Extended Bonus Stretch is a slow paced, relaxing, total mind/body workout that will be included on every STS DVD (except for Ab Circuits) so that you can ease right into your stretch without having to switch discs in your player.
Mesocycle 3 Biceps, Triceps, and Shoulders workout builds strength by using weights that are 80% to 90% of your One Rep Max range. You will do between 6 and 8 reps for every exercise and pushing yourself like never before. To get the job done, you will use the 5% method. This method works because it utilizes small increases every week that have a cumulative effect over time. If everything goes as planned, you should be 5% stronger after completing the four weeks of this Mesocycle.

In case you missed Cathe’s last email update I’ll repost it here for you. As soon as we know a firm date it will be posted on this site.

Hi Everyone! I hope you are enjoying the remaining days of the holiday season. I just want to let you know that our STS presale will end tomorrow on Tuesday, December 30th at midnight so we can have plenty of time to prepare for the shipping of the presale orders that will begin once we receive the discs back from SONY. This will be the end of the presale and we will no longer take presale orders after this date. As always, if your address has changed since you preordered and you have not already contacted us please contact customer service at [email protected].
If you have not already ordered STS and want to take advantage of our presale prices please go to https://www.cathe.com/Presale_Launch_2007DVD.htm before midnight on December 30th.
Update: Order STS here
Also, for those of you who order the complete STS program, your order will come with a Free 100+ page user guide ($24.99 value) that will contain details about every workout and DVD in the series as well as how to properly do the entire STS program. You will also receive Ab Circuits for Free (that’s 2 hours worth of brand new Ab Workouts). After the presale ends Ab Circuits will not be included when you purchase all three STS Mesocycles.By the way, we posted a YouTube video clip of STS Ab Circuits at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laaJR90jA5E Be sure to check it out. There is endless ab/core variety on this DVD. I really enjoyed making this DVD.
Ok, as far as the latest update, here is where we stand. All of the remaining STS Masters have now been sent to SONY which, as you know, is the company that will replicate the STS DVDs. So everything is now in their hands….YES! (as we wipe the sweat off our brows, wink). The normal turn around time for replication from SONY is about two weeks, but STS may take just a little longer because of the number of discs and the holidays. Still, it shouldn’t take too much longer than normal to replicate all of the STS discs and we will give you another shipping update sometime after the holidays once we’ve heard back from SONY. Thank you so very much for your patience during this massive project.
We know it is hard to fully comprehend just how much time and effort goes into a project of this magnitude, but we are grateful for your support. STS has been a true labor of love but, in my opinion, well worth every minute of it. I’m sure you will feel the same once you have this program in your hands and experience the results. Thank you again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Cathe
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