6 Top Fitness Trends for 2024

Cathe Friedrich in her STS 2.0 Active Recovery workout. Recovery workouts are a major trend in the fitness industry.

The new year is a time when people focus on improving their health and fitness and this year is no exception. As we enter 2024, exciting trends are emerging in the world of fitness and wellness. Let’s look at six of the top health and fitness movements that experts are predicting will gain momentum in 2024 and beyond.

These trends combine new advancements with old-school (but highly effective) forms of training. From high-tech wearables to back-to-basics outdoor workouts, there’s something here to appeal to all types of fitness fans.

HIIT Training Steals the Show

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts will become even more popular in 2024. (as if that’s possible!). These short, intense workout routines pack a serious punch when it comes to both cardio and strength training. Unlike steady-state workouts that maintain a consistent level of moderate intensity, HIIT workouts alternate between bursts of high-intensity exercise and recovery periods. This allows you to burn more calories and build more muscle in a shorter amount of time. Plus, they’re short and sweet. That’s a bonus when you’re pressed for time!

Even major gyms have incorporated HIIT classes into their group fitness schedules, and new studios dedicated solely to HIIT continue popping up. Even runners, cyclists, and other endurance athletes are incorporating HIIT workouts into their training for metabolic benefits.

The science and results back up the hype, so HIIT workouts are sure to remain a hugely popular exercise trend well into the future. The intense bursts of exertion get your heart rate sky high, while the recovery periods maximize oxygen consumption and calorie burn. It’s a sweaty fun time that leaves us feeling accomplished yet eager to come back for more.

Strength Training Meets Flexibility: The Rise of Hybrid Workouts

Get ready to build strength and flexibility simultaneously with the hybrid workouts that are heating up. These blended training sessions incorporate both strength moves (using weights, resistance bands, or your own body weight) along with yoga, Pilates, and other flexibility-boosting modalities.

The goal of hybrid workouts is to develop balanced physical fitness with both power and mobility. By fusing muscle-building with stretching and control exercises, hybrid training provides a time efficient way to increase stability, prevent injury, enhance posture, and improve overall functional movement.

As people seek both strong and supple bodies in 2024, get ready to master planks one moment and downward dog the next! The goal is to build full-body mobility, stability, strength, and endurance for daily life.

Outdoor Pursuits for Fitness and Mental Health

Outdoor activities like hiking, trail running, cycling, and “rucking” (walking outdoors with a weighted backpack) saw huge growth during recent years when many people were confined to home. And the ACSM predicts these outdoor fitness pursuits will continue trending upward in 2024 and beyond.

Spending time in nature provides both mental and physical boosts. Research shows exercising outdoors decreases stress, improves focus, and enhances well-being. Trail running and hiking build endurance while navigating varied terrain works different muscle groups. And the fresh air along with the change of scenery make outdoor workouts the opposite of boring!

As more people discover these benefits in 2024, expect outdoor gear, adventure races, and park district fitness programs to grow. But be sure to prepare properly for outdoor fitness with weather-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and plenty of hydration.

Sustainability Starts Trending in Fitness

Sustainability is so in right now, even in the world of fitness. This year, expect to see more activewear brands boasting about their use of recycled materials in workout gear and equipment. Saving the planet while you get your sweat on. Who doesn’t love that?

Low-impact workouts like barre, Pilates, and yoga are also rising stars for being easy on your joints and the environment. No fancy equipment or electricity is required! Just your own bodyweight and some soothing tunes. Namaste.

Plus, streaming workouts at home reduces the need to drive to gyms. Who doesn’t love an excuse to work out in pajamas? The bottom line? Fitness fans are getting their sweat on in more sustainable ways. And doesn’t it feel good to take care of your health AND the planet?

As climate change and other environmental threats loom in 2024, the fitness sector joins wider society in championing sustainability. The bonuses? Eco-friendly fitness saves money, reduces waste, and keeps exercise accessible if weather disasters occur.

Exercise is Medicine

The “exercise is medicine” movement will continue to gain momentum in 2024 – and for good reason. It doesn’t require a prescription, yet it offers substantial health benefits. So, more doctors are getting in on the action and prescribing exercise as part of the treatment regimen. Key things happening in 2024:

  • More insurance companies are covering health club memberships, personal training sessions, yoga classes, and other forms of physical activity. This makes it more affordable for people to utilize exercise in their medical treatment plans.
  • Hospital systems have further integrated movement specialists and exercise physiologists into their treatment teams. So, if you are diagnosed with a condition like heart disease or diabetes, your doctor is likely to refer you to one of these specialists to design a customized exercise program.
  • Workplaces offer employees subsidized gym memberships and activity trackers as part of their wellness programs. They understand that keeping their workforce active pays dividends through reduced insurance costs and higher productivity.
  • Schools incorporate more PE, activity breaks, and movement into their curriculum. Childhood obesity remains a major concern, so establishing healthy lifestyle habits early is a priority.
  • Technology has made fitness tracking and virtual workouts more accessible and engaging. Smart watches, mobile apps, on-demand classes, and virtual reality games get people moving.
  • More research continues to demonstrate how exercise boosts physical, mental, and cognitive health. So, doctors have increasing evidence to recommend physical activity as “medicine” for most people.
  • The outlook is bright for exercise and an active lifestyle as a preventative measure and treatment for health conditions. It’s great to see the healthcare field fully embracing this.

Wearable Devices and Apps Personalize Your Progress

Wearable tech shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to helping people smash their fitness goals. Industry experts predict continued innovation in 2024 in smart watches, fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, and workout apps.

A key trend is developing devices and software that provide personalized metrics and insights rather than generalized averages. Customization allows people to fine tune workout intensity to their own recovery rates, aerobic thresholds, and changing strength levels. With fitness tech delivering individualized feedback, training gets ever more targeted and efficient.

Wearables now seamlessly synchronize to apps on phones and tablets, delivering a wealth of health data to users. Expect this data integration to expand along with artificial intelligence to unlock deep insights into wellness. With fitness tech advancing, there’s never been an easier time to achieve individual health goals.


As 2024 kicks off, there is no shortage of emerging health and fitness developments to tap into. But the most important thing is to choose what works for you and do it. Happy 2024!


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