4 Day Split Project Update – August 22, 2007

4-day-split-in-caseThe picture above is the DVD wrap for the new 4 day Split series. We hope to begin shipping presale orders sometime in September, but it is still too early to give you a ship date at this time. As always, things can happen and we would rather have a trouble free release than rush this project. So, please don’t hold us to any release dates.

Most of the authoring of both DVDs is now done. We’re now in the proofing and correction phase of this project. We’ve spent the last week watching every premix and every chapter point and taking notes to make any corrections that need to be made. We have also carefully listened to the music and voice ratio again during this period. We have learned through the years not to trust what we hear in the studio and to always wait until we hear the actual DVD. We’ve already been back to NFL Films this week making audio corrections and juicing the music on songs that we felt sounded weak on the two step workouts. We still have to correct the sound ratio on the Boot Camp + Kickbox DVD.

Our goal is to finish proofing this project next week and then it is off to our duplicator to complete the final phase.

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