4 Day Split Project Update


ups4dsWe have spent the last several days thoroughly reviewing the check discs from SONY and everything looks great.

So what is a check disc? Well, a replicator (SONY) takes the master DLT tapes that we send them and makes what are called “stampers” . The stampers are then used to press and make the DVDs you will soon get.
A check disc is made from the same stamper that will make your DVDs. They’re exactly the same as the final production DVD except they don’t have any artwork on them. We have thoroughly tested both check discs now on over 40 different DVD players and computers (PC and Macs).

This morning we signed off on both DVD discs and gave SONY an approval to make the DVDs. As of now this means we’re a little over a week from being able to start to ship you your DVDs. Our best guess at this point after talking to SONY is for a shipping window somewhere between October 15th and October 19th. We will update you further on a more accurate ship date once we hear more from SONY. Our presale will end Friday, October 12th.

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